Working with me and NOT against me, or in the least not helping me!
I've been writing about how some people have been grabbing wholesale obituaries and pictures from my web pages and then posting them on those commercial and social media sites.
I don't mind if a family member finds something on my web pages and then grabs it for themselves and uses it with their OWN family history/genealogy, but when wholesale stuff is taken from my web pages and then given to those commercial sites they end up making money off of my work...My work which costs me money, time, and endless work to only have someone or some company get it for free, spend absolutely NO time or effort in getting it, and then makes money off it is just not ethical IMHO.

People who take information/pix from my web pages and then posts them on other sites damages all of my decades of effort.
People from out of town/state/country who are looking for Manning connected history will probably first find those commercial sites. If they find my information on those sites then they probably won't search further and find my website...and I'll probably have more information and pictures in my immense database that they won't this in turn also hurts their research and it prevents my efforts in communicating with them and asking them to share the Manning history they have so I can add it to my Manning digital historical preservation database.

BUT from time to time someone will grab a picture and post it on their family facebook page and then will let me know about information a family member told them.

Below is a perfect example...
Suzanne (Bandow) has been one of my big helpers and supporters over the years so when she read the information about the picture she grabbed from my web page and then posted it on her facebook page, she then forwarded that information to me.

So what's the big deal about just one picture and sending me the information about it?
First, I found this picture buried in a box of pictures in the Monitor basement almost a decade ago.
Then I had to scan it and later post it in a feature story on my web page.
Next, Suzanne saw it and then posted it on her facebook family page, and lastly one of the Zerwas relatives knew the background on the picture.

This is what it takes to really preserve history, by taking the time and spending the money to digitize pictures, and then have the "Patience of Job" to wait for information that MAY someday get back to me.

Eugene Zerwas - Manning Telephone Company

New switchboard fire alarm system.
It automatically dialed the fire alert station.
Before that operators had to make the call.

So if you grab pictures or information from my web page to post on your facebook page, then please link back and give credit to my web page, and if anyone provides more information please send that information back to me.

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