I'm still busy working on obituaries that my Manning helpers keep finding and sending.
While I skim through a page to find the obituary, I notice all kinds of amazing Manning trivia from the past.
Many people called this gossip but was in every newspaper years ago...long before Internet, before most people had phones or radios, so the only way they found out about people in the community was to read the papers.
This type of "information" was stopped when the "privacy laws" started popping up and when there were a lot more ways to communicate.
Here is a peek into the past of people who lived in and/or were connected to the Manning area...
Remember that Manning had 3 different railroads during this time, all with passenger service, so travel throughout this part of the state was relatively easy and fast...

Miss Sophia Horn was a West Side caller Saturday Note: West Side is how Westside was commonly spelled during the late 1800s & early 1900s.
S. Borkowski was an Omaha pleasure caller Sunday.
Fred Weise, Sr., was an Omaha business caller Monday.
Pete Petersen was a business caller in Dedham Tuesday.
Miss Maxine Kuhl is confined to her home with the grippe.
Leo Navin was an Omaha business caller Sunday and Monday.
Leo David was an Omaha pleasure caller Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. Nick Anderson is seriously ill at her home in East Manning.
August Soll was a business caller in Omaha Sunday and Monday.
Laverne Potthast has been confined to his home with the grippe.
Attorney Orrin W. Emmons was a Fort Dodge business caller last week.
Emil Vetter and family, of West Side, were shoppers here Saturday.
Miss Arlene Kuhl has been on the "flu" list for the last week or 10 days.
Mr. and Mrs. John Struve were Omaha pleasure and business callers Tuesday.
Leo Babl, of Dedham, motored to Manning Sunday afternoon on a business trip.
A large number of the young folks attended the dance at Dedham Monday night.
A large number of the young folks attended the dance at West Side Saturday evening.
Harry Rix was a Chicago visitor last week, leaving here Thursday and returning Wednesday.
Miss Clara Eckley and Nola SchwaIler were Dedham pleasure callers Tuesday evening.
Henry Dethlefs, an old employee of the Manning Produce Company, is taking a three weeks' vacation. Henry just had all of his teeth extracted.
Mr. and Mrs. August Gebhart and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pfoltner, who have been spending the winter in California, arrived home Tuesday morning.
Louie Stamp, a former Manning boy, now living in Hemingford, Nebraska, where he is running a potato ranch, is visiting friends and relatives here for a few weeks.
Mrs. Josephine Blair and son, Bonnard, have returned from Rochester, Minnesota, where Bonnard had one of his legs examined. He says that he expects the leg to be as good as ever in six or eight months.

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