In 1996, when I first set up my web pages, I hoped that by posting pictures and history I would have lots of people from Germany contact me about their relatives who had immigrated to the Manning area.
Unfortunately I've only had a handful of people contact me from overseas.

BUT every now and then someone will find my web page and e-mail me and usually is looking for pictures and information I have about their "American" relatives, but they usually don't have pictures and information connected to the family here.

Finally someone from Germany contacted me who is able to help me with pictures and information I have questions about.

So over the next several weeks I hope to share more pictures and information between this fellow and hopefully anyone who is related to this family will contact me so we can add even more information and is the story.
These pictures came from the Hoffmann, Claussen, and Vinke collections I've scanned.

This is the web page he found that I set up in 2010.

Here are a few pictures he has confirmed and provided more information.
The old pix are from the Hoffmann/Claussen collection

Willi Buhmann - grandfather to my contact in Germany

Now owned by my contact in Wrohm, Germany, who is a Buhmann descendant.
Here are pictures of the house today he just sent me after several renovations.

earlier renovation

earlier renovation

2021 restoration

Reimer und Katharina Buhmann with Dog Hasso (picture contact in Germany has in his collection)

He told me this home is in Wrohm, Germany, the old home of Hermann Buhmann
Hermann was a son of Reimer and Katharina Buhmann.
Hermann's brother, Ernst, was the father of Willi and grandfather of my contact.
Hermann and Ernst's sister was Else (Buhmann) Gehlsen.
Hermann Buhmann (picture contact in Germany has in his collection)

Ernst Buhmann Golden Wedding in 1977

My contact thinks this was the home of Else (Buhmann) Gehlsen in Wrohm, but is not 100% sure.

I also asked my contact to confirm and connect Reimer Buhmann from the Hoffmann collection.

Reimer Buhmann - confirmed as the same person listed above in the Buhmann family tree.

back side of photo

If you are related to these Manning families and have old pix and information and can help us, please e-mail me.

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