I continue to help Karen, who is a Burmeister descendent and she recently sent me this 1st picture. She has questions about the Dammann families connected to the Burmeister family.
So far I haven't found out any detailed information about these Dammann families who once lived in Manning.
Claus Dammann was a cousin to Henry Burmeister.
Abel Burmeister's obituary lists John, William, and Herman Dammann of Manning as attending her funeral.

After studying the information for both Dammann families I'm having a hard time making connections. Edna talks about 2 Claus Dammanns. The other Claus married the sister of "her" Claus Dammann, meaning a Dammann married a Dammann but I have no idea if/how they are related.

This Claus came from Besdorf, Germany

Claus & Anna (Biehl) Dammann

The 2nd picture came from the Edna (Dammann) Rudnick collection...this "Claus" sure has similar facial traits as the "Claus" in the group picture...but it could all be a coincidence.
Edna had written that this Claus came from Betzdolf, Germany - I can't find this spelling but do find Betzdorf and Besdorf so without obits and more information, it is all a guess.

So anyone who can help with this Dammann family, please e-mail me.

I've been getting some information for Claus Dammann who married Margaretha, but below is the another Claus Dammann who married Anna Biehl and I'm trying to figure out where this Claus fits in.
Edna (Dammann) Rudnick wrote up this obit and in the last sentence, she states that her Claus was a sister to Margareta (Gretchen) who married the other Claus Dammann.
So any help with CC & Anna Dammann will be helpful.

C.C. (Claus) DAMMANN
written by Edna (Dammann) Rudnick

C.C. (Claus) Dammann was born in Betzdolf Schleswig, Holstein Germany on November 13, 1865, the son of Marx & Anna (Burmeister) Dammann. His date of death is December 18, 1940. He is buried in the Manning Cemetery.
He married Anna Biehl on April 8, 1893. They bought a farm south east of Manning and lived there until they retired to Manning. His son Julius and family moved to that farm. He bought a second farm and his son Eddie and family lived there.
C. C. emigrated to the United States in 1892 as he did not want to be inducted into the armed services. Later he took the name CC as there was another Claus Dammann in the area.
C.C. is survived by his wife Anna, 4 sons, Emil and his wife Helena; Ernest, Eddie and his wife Alviena; Julius and his wife Ella; 6 grandchildren: Viola, Arlo, Edna, Delores, Herbert and Donald.
Siblings of C.C. were sister Margareta (Gretchen) born in 1858 and married the other Claus Dammann and died in 1942; brothers Jasper - born in 1860 and died in 1933 and Fred in 1863 and died in 1941.

Claus & Margaretha Dammann

This link shows the Dammann connections of the area to Claus & Margaretha.

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