It is rare anymore for me to find a picture postcard of Manning that I don't already have one if not multiple scans, but on occasion I'll find one on e-bay that I don't have.

I try to wait for the seller to lower the price or use "best offer" when they are asking double digit prices. Some are just plain greedy and price things $20 to $50...for the most part they are never sold or they eventually have to lower the price.

Someone recently purchased a Third Street picture postcard for $20. I hope they will contact me and let me scan the front and back so I'll have high resolution images of it.

If the price is $5 or under I may buy a duplicate even if I already have it, IF it has information on back that tells a little story about Manning by the name/s and destinations.
Below are 3 postcards of 7 I purchased for a very good price by appealing to the seller that I'm not a collector but historian who wants to preserve Manning's story...

This first picture postcard shows the primary grade with postmark January it is probably the 1908-09 school year, unless it is an older postcard and might have been the 1907-08 year.
It is addressed to Laura Vogt in Churdan.
From my limited obits I found a Laura (Vogt) Volckmann who was living in Clinton in 1971 when her brother, Herman had died in Manning.

It was signed by another Laura who noted that her niece is marked with an X...of course there is no way of knowing who Laura or the niece is, unless someone can ID the little girl.

Now these little tidbits of information may seem pointless to document but someday may answer a question or two that come up.

Primary class

postmarked January 1909
1908 MHS graduates: Elizabeth Campbell, Nina Free, Ross Golden, Ellen Hoesley, Fred Hoesley, Harry Motter, Louis Ohm, Harry C. Reinholdt, John F. Reinhold, Reginald Rorabaugh, Augusta Schoening

1908 Former students: Eddie Allen, Ray Armitage, Chester Babcock, Hazel Babcock, Albert Barber, Hazel Barnes, John Brennan, Archie Brent, Frank Brookfield, Olive Clark, Maude Coleman, Hazel Connor, Willie Dammann, George Dethlefs, Grace Dunn, Don Dunn, Frazier Ells, Ledger Free, Herman Goettsch, Charles Gruhn, August Gruhn, Bennie Halford, Alma Hannemann, Laura Hansen, Charles Hassler, Mary Hays, Josephine Hell, Adolph Hinz, Minnie Hinz, Freddie Hoesley, Lucy Humphrey, Dora Jensen, Wheeler Kempf, Amanda Kruse, Peter Kuhl, Clara Kusel, Jessie Lathrop, Carl Lebeck, Bertha Lebeck, Mamie Lenhart, Vera Manson, Mabel McMahon, Lulu McMurray, Julia Melody, Patrick Melody, Inez Miller, Nettie Mockler, Willie Mockler, Eddie Mockler, Harry Motter, Charlie Ohde, Louie Ohm, George Parish, Earl Parish, Louie Phillips, Charles Piper, Willie Popp, Albert Puck, Dora Radeleff, Bertha Reimers, Betty Reimers, Juanita Rorabaugh, Charlie Scheunemann, Ella Schoening, William Schrum, Herman Schrum, Loretta Shea, Arthur Shea, Henry Sievertsen, May Sprinkle, Louie Stamp, Ella Stang, Harry Steen, Gertrude Stephany, Edelruth Thomsen, Hans Voss, Albert Vossbeck, Frank Weaver, Leann Williams, Lorne Wood, Bennie Younker

1909 MHS graduates: Robert Campbell, Clarence Fry, Leman Gearhart, Irene Harvey, Mary Luella Hays, Marie Moser, Albert Edwin Puck, Verna Schmidt

1909 Former students: Emil Albert, Esther Arp, Roy Atwood, Ben Bailey, Grover Baldwin, Roy Baldwin, Amanda Behrens, Twinkle Blair, Grover Brunnier, Nellie Bryan, George Christian, Herman Claussen, Blanche Coleman, Delorus Darwon, Hattie Dillingham, Carrie Eastwood, George Ells, Mildred Emmons, Nellie Fahrion, Sherman Farrell, Myrtle Garlick, Evelyn Grantz, Willie Graves, Margarette Grube, Sophia Hagemann, Fred Hansen, Hans Hargens, Louis Hinz, Bruce Jacoby, Andrew Jensen, Peter Jensen, Frank Kaiser, Nettie Kuhl, Blondina Kusel, Willie Kusel, Ida Loptien, Dale Marshall, Effie McEnturff, Hazel McEnturff, Hilda Miller, Alvina Moeller, Amanda Moeller, Peter Moeller, Ray Morsch, Armolie Paesler, Floyd Parish, Anna Popp, Harry Precht, Albert E. Puck, Herbert Resner, Lloyd Rix, Jessie Rohr, Max Russell, Fred Sievertsen, Geneva Spies, Herman Stamp, Katie Thomas, Earl Threlkeld, Lizzie Vogt, Louie Vogt, Lizzie Wentzel, Clara Williams, Blaine Wilson, Robbie Wilson, Eva Wood, Glen Wood, Daniel Yant, Adda Younker

I didn't have this exact view of the old creamery but one that was very similar, however the names on back added to the puzzle, so I'm glad it was part of this collection I got on e-bay.

It is hard to read the postmark but appears to be 1917.
It was addressed to Mrs. Otto Roenfeldt in Bryant but the message was to Ella & Veronica.
Signed by Laura - probably the same one who sent the class photo.

This is the picture postcard I was excited to find since I don't have this particular one from the German Days celebration in 1909.

German Days September 7 & 8, 1909
This post card was addressed to Laura Vogt, Goose Lake, other information.

Claus H. Reinholdt's business was located on the north end of the block where Accura (Plaza) is now located.
It was called Reinholdt Hardware - and later was part of the Gamble store building.

Note all of the US flags!!!
Claus Reinholdt was born in Germany and many of the other men in this picture were probably also born in Germany or some might be first generation born here in the US.
Even though they are celebrating "German" days, you don't see any German flags...
People from around the world who want to come and live in the US today could learn a thing or two from the early Pioneers of Manning about accepting the American culture and integrating into "our" US society.
Patriotism continues
This doesn't yet take into account how many of the Manning Pioneers of German ancestry ended up going back to Germany to fight against their former countrymen during WWI & WWII...doing this after one of the reasons leaving was to to get away from the conscription into the German military with constant fighting and wars in Europe...
If you believe that the Manning community is very patriotic today - it is because the citizens are following in the footsteps of their ancestors and those early Pioneers who championed the United States of America...

The float in back of the postcard is Ohde Brothers.
June 15, 1905, William Ohde and his brother Jacob Ohde formed a partnership and started the firm known as Ohde Brothers, located at 320 Main in Manning. This firm engaged in the furniture business and funeral directing. About a year later, George Ohde took over the interest of his brother Jacob. The partners continued in the furniture business and funeral directing until the death of George, May 31, 1929. William Ohde continued to operate the business upon the death of his brother. In 1927, he purchased the funeral division of Henry Mueller.

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