I've been adding a lot more obits I've been finding and also those from Ann (Voge) and Connie Petersen, who are real troopers helping me with Manning history.

If you have old Manning connected obits I don't have, or know of someone who used to live in Manning and has passed away more recently, please let me know.

Obits are very vital to my Manning historical work to help connect names and families and how they are related, or let me know if they aren't connected...
Many times there are also errors, and if I know for sure and can corroborate the corrections then I'll make the proper changes to the obit.
I also may include more details for a specific aspect, such as it may say the person graduated from Manning but NOT list the year, or attended country school but generally they don't know the exact school number...
I will have this information in my database.
I also will add the maiden name of the mother if not listed - believe it or not, I have had some people e-mail me because they did not know the maiden name.

So I'm trying to make sure these obits I have will be the most accurate and informative as possible to offset all of the erroneous/incomplete/junk obits that are out there in the cyber world...

Below is a perfect example of a misspelled Manning name that I'm sure most of you have never even heard of but fortunately, because of working on Manning history for over 50 years and being a fanatic against errors, I've run into and learned something about most Manning surnames, so I can usually tell right away if there is a spelling error.

The correct spelling is Kruetzfeldt and they also had the wrong day of the week he died.

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