Ona Fara continues to dig up interesting Manning history for me to scan...items that generally most children of families won't keep when they inherit them someday.
These are such great historical pictures that show a snapshot into the lives of so many people who have served our community and helped make it into such a great town to live in today.

With so many distractions we have today, most people don't stop to think about their community in a broader sense, other than what surrounds their own little world as they go about their daily business.

But history can teach us there is so much more...a LOT more than just our own personal existence.

Myra Snyder, Mary Brennan, Emily Schelldorf
RNs Manning General Hospital
Mary Brennan's retirement party

Margaret Frees in back, Aloha (Waterbury) Enenbach in front
1970 Manning General Hospital

Back: Margaret (Lutwitze) Frees, Mary Brennan, Ona Fara
Front: Cleo Singsank, Myrna Snyder, Emily Schelldorf, Sharon (Schrum) Kelderman

When I watch those genealogy websites promote themselves on TV commercials with scenes of someone discovering their grandparents for the first time or other very close relatives, I think about the pictures above...

Most of these ladies are/were grandparents. What better way to preserve the ancestry of a family than to scan these mostly overlooked pictures that are in everyone's family collections that will someday get thrown by the kids who inherit these pictures of people whom they probably never knew so they just toss them.
This is why I continue to ask people to get their collections to me to scan and archive in the Manning family historical database, where grandparents of hundreds of families will be preserved long into the future, after the family members have thrown the originals away.

Another aspect is even if kids/grandkids who inherit the family pictures and history keep those things, they won't properly care for old historical items or take the time to correctly and properly digitize them.

Ona had this great old calendar but it is getting very brittle and soon will just fall into pieces, so NOW is the time to digitize it.
I don't have time to merge and fully restore it right now but will still show you how interesting items like this can be and need to be preserved.

top scan

middle scan

bottom scan

If you want to see an example of multiple scans with merging, scroll down to the Fischer feature and look at the poster that took me 10 different scans that had to be merged back into the original image.

I won't show all of the months but here are a few samples. It is interesting to see when Manning organizations met and also birthdays of some of Manning's citizens.
Note how some are living but others have passed away, OR have moved away from Manning...a peek back into who some of our past citizens were and organizations that no longer exist today...

Then there are little items like this seal...why scan it? Because it shows a little piece of the Manning Ag Center history puzzle and its interaction with the railroad here in town.
When Orland filled a grain car, a seal was attached to the car which corresponded to Federal grain papers they filled out.
A Bill of Lading form with the seal number was sent to the company that purchased the grain from MAC. That way they could claim the cars that had their grain.

Who knows how grain will be handled in the future so having this seal scanned and then documented will explain to someone someday what it is and its purpose.
This is another aspect I make sure to do when I scan items - document as much information about it as I can before there is no one who can...

Last of a few seals that were kept when the MAC was sold.

So while you might think you are preserving your family history, you probably won't be as thorough as I am, and will skip over a lot of the trivial parts which will eventually get lost to time...Bring your stuff to me so I can scan it and add it to the Manning history puzzle I'm working on.
Dave Kusel

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