If everyone is honest with themselves, the loss of businesses in their communities are self-inflicted wounds...
I realize there are/were many other variables and reasons but when you buy out of town, buy out of state, and buy out of the US...what do you expect will happen to the local, state, and even US economies?

BUT one thing the Manning community has going for it is a lot of people don't give up and just accept the inevitable, as seen with this upcoming community meeting.

So please attend - don't just sit back and point fingers and complain - show up and help come up with some possible solutions to a few of our self-inflicted wounds which unfortunately continue today with the limited number of businesses we still have.

The Manning Historic Preservation Commission and Main Street Manning's Business Improvement Committee are seeking input from the public.
We want to know what types of things or services people are going out of town for or online for. And what can we do to expand or recruit to boost Manning's offerings and utilize empty spaces?
Plan to attend an input meeting at the VFW on Wednesday, April 14th.
Cash bar with happy hour and signing in from 5-5:30 and the input session from 5:30-6:30.
We look forward to your input!

Note the various businesses we had in 1957 - and this is not a complete listing.

1957 Thrifty Food Market

1957 Frahm

1957 Nissen Poultry Service

1957 Crystal Theatre

1957 Manning Monitor

1957 Manning Elevator

Now the following items have nothing to do with the Manning meeting, other than all of the 1957 items above also came from the Groteluschen collection that Jon sent to me to scan and add to the Manning historical database and I'm working on right now which just happened to have a lot of Manning business names from the past to emphasize the number of businesses we once had in Manning...
Back: Larry Rowedder, Larry Nielsen, Errol Wegner, Larry Zerwas, Robert Horbach, Dave Peters, Dick Bowers
Front: Dick Popp, Jon Groteluschen, Gary Neubaum, Eugene Haberl, Bob Laverty
1956-57 basketball team that went 24 wins and 2 losses, losing to Le Mars 60 - 50 in the quarterfinal round of the state tournament
The other loss was at Carroll 46 - 43 early in the season which Manning avenged 68 - 53 later in the season at Manning.

Boys State

May 23, 1953 confirmation Zion Lutheran

Back: Darlene Genzen, Betty Peters, Roger Koepke, Roger Barten, Shannon Mahnke, Darlys Vollstedt
Middle: Beverly Genzen, Errol Wegner, Joyce Nulle, Pastor John Ansorge, Virginia Backhaus, Roger Hagedorn, Mardella Friedrichsen
Front: Donald Keat, Warren Puck, Diane Dalgety, Allen Mohr, Elke Bunz, Jon Groteluschen

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