E-mail sent to Dave Kusel from Kerry Joens about Bob...

Hi Dave,
I have this story about Bob - I'll call this The day I became a man.
It was a blazing hot summer day in the early 70s. I was 16 maybe 17. Bob got a call from a farmer down by Gray who had a flat tire on a piece of equipment in the field.
Bob told me to start loading up the pickup with everything we needed to fix the flat. We headed out to Gray. We drove out into the field and started fixing the flat. By the time we were done we were both drenched in sweat, but we got the job done so the farmer could continue his work.
On the way home Bob pulls into the Wagon Wheel. We walk in and both sit at the bar and Bob orders 2 beers. We had our Manning Oil shirts and caps on, and when the lady behind the bar comes back with the beers I pull my cap down a little farther down my face. She looked at Bob then at me and set the beers down in front of us. We took a big swig. I looked over at Bob and smiled big. He looked at me and said, '"If you can work like a man, you can drink like a man."'
That was The day I became a man. I'll never forget that day.

Bob had a significant influence on me during my early working years at the station, almost as much as my own dad.
He taught me a work ethic I carried forward in my life to where I am today.

Kerry Joens
Son of Donald "Bonnie" and Delores (Nickum) Joens

Marie (Ehrichs) Hagedorn

Marie Hagedorn with Charles Edward Kruse
Charles was the son of Marie's 1/2 brother Kruse

Mary Ann Hagedorn MHS 1958

Chris Brandt - attended Aspinwall Independent School and later married Mary Ann Hagedorn

1949 Raymond Hagedorn, Allen Rowedder, Duane Otto
Ray and Duane are cousins - Ray's dad, Lewis, and Duane's mother Myrtle were siblings

Robert Hagedorn

April 6, 1952 Zion Lutheran Church in Manning

Back: Janice Ahrendsen, Gerald Beck, Lauron Musfeldt, Larry Genzen, Kathleen Ploog, Gordon Anthony, Carol Antone, Allen Lamaack
Middle: Phyllis Kienast, Cynthia Peters, Peggy Grundmeier, Dale Vollstedt, Pastor John Ansorge, Robert Hagedorn, Daryl Rowedder, Karen Carstens, Ronald Peters
Front: Roger Beck, Myrene Rowedder, Robert Froyd, Joycelyn Genzen, Larry Witt, Mary Alice Mohr, Richard Popp, Clifford Vinke

Raymond Hagedorn

Robert, Roger, and Mary Ann Hagedorn

Roger Hagedorn MHS 1956

Myrene Rowedder & Roger Hagedorn - high school dance

Robert Hagedorn MHS 1955

Jeff Hagedorn MHS 1980

Jon "Whopper" Hagedorn MHS 1982

Julie Hagedorn MHS 1983

Julie Hagedorn

1978-79 seventh grade junior high basketball team

Back: Carla Halbur, Barb Zubrod, Darci Hicks, Julie Lamp, Lisa Hughes, Jackie Hagedorn, Jean Stangl
Front: Karla Stoberl, Laurie Irlbeck, Lana Jensen, Carolyn Bruhn, Cione Reynolds, Andrea Puck, Kathy Klocke

1984 girls' softball team

Back: Coach Curt Benson, Lissa Haubrich, Jean Stangl, Jill Lamp, Julie Lamp, Kelly Haskins, Kathy Klocke
Front: Theresa Willenborg, Vicki Ramsey, Karol Mills, Kari Ringgenberg, Jackie Hagedorn, Amy Kusel, Judy Genzen