The Hagedorn family lived on 2 different farms.
While at the first farm the children attended Iowa No. 4.
When they moved to the second farm, only Raymond attended Iowa No. 1, as all of the other Hagedorn siblings were attending Manning town school.

Iowa No. 1 - Raymond Hagedorn

Page 102 of the Manning Schools history book

1954 Iowa No. 4 students picnic at the Manning City Park
Back: Larry Rowedder, Karen Rowedder, Eugene Haberl, Imogene Haberl, Mary Ann Hagedorn
Middle: Lowell Schroeder, Judy Schroeder, Myra Rowedder, Joyce Carstens, Carol Ann Kuhl
Front: Raymond Hagedorn, Elaine Carstens, Linda Derner, Allen Rowedder

Page 114 of the Manning Schools history book

Iowa No. 4 where all of the Hagedorn kids attended...