Norma Maxine Jentzen
August 20, 1928 - March 16, 2021

Norma Maxine Jentzen, age 92, of Carroll, Iowa, passed away on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at her home in Carroll surrounded by her family.
Daughter of Frank & Nora (Jensen) Musfeldt.
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1947 MHS graduates: Anna Marie Asmus, Paul Behrens, Delores Dammann, Dorla Eckley, Donna Belle Ehrichs, Letty Frahm, Louise Grau, Marjorie Hansen, Harvey Hargens, Maxine Hinners, William Hoffman, Wilbur Karsten, Bonita Kasperbauer, Michael Kasperbauer, Donn Kelsey, Glenn Kuhse, Don Livingston, Dorothy Lohmeier, Marianne Lyden, Mary McMahon, Lila Mohr, Robert Mohr, Marvin Mordhorst, Louis Muhlbauer, Norma Musfeldt, LaJune Neubaum, Ralph Petersen, Kenneth Pfannkuch, Doris Phillips, Robert Popp, Lola Ress, Bill Sander, Charles Schumann, Leonard Sextro, William Sibbel, Patricia Siem, Donald Stoelk, Bill Strathman, Fern Struve, Bob Suhr, Justyn Sutherland, Robert Wegner, Frank Wegner, Earl West, Eugene Wiese (valedictorian or salutatorian could not be found in school records or the Monitor)

1947 former students: LaVonda Allen, Loa Barnes, Ruby Borkowski, Edmund Claussen, Ronald David, Jim Erwin, Mary Anna Fox, Manfred Funk, Alvin Haberl, Betty Harder, Dale Hell, Shirley Iselin, Marjorie Jacobsen, Grace Joens, Marie Jones, Lloyd Koester, Birnadine Kramer, Mary Lee, Ruth Ann Loneman, Patty Mersman, Donald D. Petersen, Thomas Pittman, Kenneth Robinson, Keith Rohr, Emil Segebart, Roger Slates, Patrick Sullivan, Merlin Umland, Billy Wailes, Larry Wallace

Page 135 of the Manning Schools history book

Jefferson No. 6

From the 1982 Aspinwall Centennial history book
John and Anna (Nuttleman) Musfeldt were born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and married in 1870.

John was born July 27, 1850. At the age of 19 years he was inducted into the Army in the Marines. He served from 1869 to 1873 at a time when the difficulties between Germany and France were settled by war. After his discharge from the Marines he accepted a job as shipwright and beacon tower guard at sea. He served well for five years, when the craving for a change of location and country took him and he made preparations for going to America.

Mrs. Anna Musfeldt was born February 7, 1852. She was educated in her birthplace, confirmed, and grew to womanhood. In September 1875, she met the man of her choice and was married to John Musfeldt. The marriage took place in the city of Dithmarschen where the young couple resided until June, 1882, when they and their three children, John, Fred and Katie, came to America. They came directly to Westside, where they lived for about six months. They then moved to Aspinwall, where they resided for nine years, living in the present Dean Hupp house. Here William, Julius, Hans, and Henry were born.

Mr. Musfeldt followed the carpentry trade. Many a house, barn, granary and other buildings were constructed by the hands of John Musfeldt. One noted building was the Three Mile House, three miles north of Manning on the Swimming Pool Road. He also built the barn still standing on the Melroy Carstens farm west of Aspinwall, then known as the Pepper farm.

From Aspinwall the family moved to two other farms in the area. The first was on Highway 141 (the old Walt Miller farm) where the children attended the Aspinwall School, walking along the old railroad tracks. Frank and Louie later joined the clan; Henry died at the age of 13 in 1903.

Mr. Musfeldt was a man of robust health and figure; a man more than six feet tall. He adhered strictly to his seaman fashion, wearing his earrings as of old, in the old sailor tradition. But it seemed the inland continental climate, in exchange for the healthy sea breeze to which he was accustomed, was too much for him. The intense summer heat affected him in particular and his health began to fail soon after he came here. He passed away January 8, 1904, at the age of 53.

After his death Mrs. Musfeldt and her sons farmed the land for 16 years, and she retired to Manning in 1920. The old home place now is owned by Leland Kienast.

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