Recently I ran across an amazing collection of letters written by the family of Benjamin Salinger, mostly to the parents and grandparents of Ben's wife, Lucy, who was a Boylan.

I was able to purchase most of the collection, but a few of the letters got away from me - I can't compete against the pocketbooks of collectors, who for the most part don't care about the history behind an item but they just want it for their specific collection.

I want to gather this history but for the MANNING collection.
Once I get some time to lay it all out I'll be showing examples of the various business names Salinger went through, some background, and other aspects of who he was and also try to make a point with that period of time to what is going on in today's world.
Here are a few samples...

Salinger was a VERY prominent Pioneer in Manning and as a lawyer is not what I mean...but more coming later on this topic.

Note the "teaching" part

One of the reasons why I wanted to get this collection is because of all of the different business names from the 1880s and early 90s...many of which I was familiar with and some not, but having the actual official business envelopes and letter-heads is just one of the amazing parts of this collection.

Message from Benjamin to his father-in-law, Howard Boyland.
More coming, along with background on Benjamin's Manning connections.

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