As a reminder to anyone who feels they have the right to take information/obits from my web pages and then transfer that information to those commercial webpages...
Start your own web page, pay for it, and operate it for over 2 decades, and then have "lazy" people who think they are "volunteers" and "historians" and "genealogists" "steal" your work and give it to commercial sites so they can make money off your efforts!
I have NO problem with people grabbing pictures and information from my websites for their own PERSONAL use...if I didn't want people to do this then I wouldn't post anything.
My goal way back in 1996 when I started my web page was to share with the hopes that other people would share in return, but I never dreamed that people would take my hard work and expensive efforts and give it to commercial sites.

I also have been fortunate to have a lot of volunteers help me over the decades to find Manning area history and it is not fair to them to take their work that they share with me and then some lazy person gives it to those commercial sites.

So if you have taken information from my site and posted it on those commercial sites - PLEASE remove it immediately.
You are hurting my research!
If my information is on those other sites and people find it there, they probably won't search further and find my web pages and not realize that I probably will have more information/pictures of their family ancestry.
So they don't contact me and give me a chance to ask them for their history and pictures to add to the Manning database.

This probably sounds whiny and petty but let me "take" your work and use it for my own financial benefit and see how you would feel.

These are 2 Schroeder pictures shown below were stolen from one of my Schroeder web page features in 2018 and they posted them on one of those commercial sites, stating they were the contributor/source of the images.

Now you might again think how petty - well if you spent nearly a week restoring and editing the original scan of the family photo you probably would not appreciate some lazy low-life person taking your work and then posting it on another site that makes money off my week's worth of pains-taking efforts, and also taking credit for the scan - you would be unhappy too.
These thieves wouldn't have the know-how, patience, or capability to do what I do with digital restoration.

Then some people will challenge me as to how I know the stolen image is my work - having worked on digital scanning since 1995, I can tell most of the time if the image someone "borrowed" is my work.

Scan of Thomas Schroeder taken from my web page and posted on another commercial site.

The original source scan I used to make the cropped image that was "borrowed."

Image someone "borrowed" from my web page and posted it on a commercial site.

The original source scan I used and downsized for the web page post.

As I'm always writing about - I make super high resolution scans of old pix - I scanned this picture 30x20 inches by 300 DPI and saved it as TIF which makes a 160 MB file.
This image below is what the original scan looks like before all of the painstaking digital restoration where I highlighted about 20 different areas, 1 at a time, to adjust the contrast, brightness, and color, including isolating several of the heads that were overexposed.

Below is a perfect example of why I need to keep the pictures I scan, only on my website, with the hopes that someone will find them and contact me and hopefully be able to help identify some of the thousands of pictures I show over the years that have NO/Few IDs.

Vinke family

Back: Dorothea, Henry, Jr., John, Gustav
Front: Julia, Laura, Caroline (Sperling), Henry holding Julius, Detlef, Emilie
The above identifications are based on the information below from a Vinke descendant and one of my helpers.

HENRY 1847-1923 LENA 1853-1927
Gus, 1874-1932
John, 1876-1952
Henry Jr. 1878-1907
Dora, 1880-1956 Edward Grimm
Detlef, 1882-1963
Laura, Charles Welsh
Emilie 1886-1934 Detlef Martens
Julia, Charles Thiedeman
Julius 1890-1918 (died in France in 1918)

So hopefully someone will have this Vinke picture with names, and/or the birth years for Laura & Julia which might help some.

Help from another one of my Manning history volunteers: James Stoffers:
Laura Ann Vinke's birth as February 27, 1884. Laura married Henry Buhmann in December of 1901, but later divorced Henry and married Charles Welsh. Laura died in Omaha on July 6, 1961.
Julia Vinke's birth was April 2, 1888. She married Charles Thiedeman on January 14, 1914 and died on January 2, 1969.

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