Well, the host servers for my web pages are back up and running properly again, so I'll post the snowstorm we had February 21.
I would guess we had 12 inches of snow - at least that was the depth when I used our rear-mount tractor snowblower to clear our lane.

11:33 am

11:34 am

12:01 pm

12:02 pm

11:55 am
The bluejays were having a blast in the snow...

11:56 am
I haven't seen such a windless/calm snow event for many decades...

11:59 am
I just missed both noon sirens in Manning which are 1 mile to the south.
What you hear at the very beginning of the video is the siren in south Manning winding down.
Even though you don't hear much of the sirens, it will give you an idea of how silent the snow event was

12:00 pm

I'm clearing Dave Schroeder's yard 1980 with our snowblower and JD 4440.

We bought this snowblower and also a 3-phase tractor-powered generator after the January 10, 1975 blizzard which paralized the Midwest for several months.
Roads in the area were blocked for up to 2 weeks...many rural families did not have electricity for 1 to 2 weeks.
Most phone lines were above ground at that time so that service was down for a week or more, too.

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