This week a descendant of Donald Stoelk will be visiting Manning to meet with me to go over Stoelk/Klindt family history and tour the community.
He and his wife will be around 1 day so I thought anyone who is a relative and interested in meeting with them - please e-mail me and I'll work out the specific details.

Back: Darlene
Middle: Berdine, Merle, Leon, Jaenice
Front: Albert, Donald, Elsie (Klindt)

Another historically interesting item is he is bringing a gun he purchased that was once owned by John Frahm and we are trying to find out more background on it.
We also are not sure which John Frahm from that time period it belonged if anyone is a descendant of either John Frahm and knows his family history - please e-mail me.

Jno Frahm, Manning, Iowa - "Jno" was the abbreviation commonly used years ago for John.

He graciously sent me a box of family/Manning pix he has so I could scan them before he visits and then he can take them back with him.
He took quite a few pictures out of frames so I could scan them...definitely someone who loves and respects our history to have it digitized and preserved.

The Stoelk family has a very proud military history with Leon paying the ultimate price with his life during WWII. Donald served in the Navy, Erwin served in the Air Force, with Lawren & Albert serving during WWI.

2 Wilhelm Friedrich Joachim Kusel (6/24/1851-11/12/1917 born in Nausdorf, Germany)
Sophia Anna Grube (9/9/1852-10/19/1935)
3 Emma Kusel (3/29/1875 - 9/17/1942) (married: 7/9/1895)
August Frederick Hansen (12/23/1869 in Sehestedt, Germany - 3/24/1950)
4 Ida Mary Hansen (5/8/1896 - 3/22/1979) (married: 5/30/1920)
Lawren John Stoelk (3/22/1896 - 12/8/1981)
5 Erwin Lawren Stoelk (1/17/1931 - 12/8/2008) (married: 11/10/1951)
Bonnie Jean Hicok (7/30/1930 - 1/8/2001)

Erwin is Dave Kusel's 2nd cousin

Erwin Stoelk 1951

Albert & Lawren Stoelk

Leon Stoelk

American Cemetery in Gela, Sicily - temporary burial site for Leon before his body was re-patriated and buried in the Manning Cemetery.

Leon Stoelk entered the service October 19, 1942, at Camp Dodge. He was transferred to Camp Hood, Texas, October 22, 1942, and was in training there until January 12, 1,943, when he was transferred to Camp Pickett, Virginia, for training as an assistant gunner in a tank.
April 27, 1943, Pvt. Stoelk left the United States with the 753rd tank batallion for North Africa.
He was killed in action during the invasion of Sicily July 22, 1943.

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