It seems that it always takes a storm to break a drought or severe dry-spell and on June 16, late in the evening Mother Nature showed she's always the boss. Rain varied from 3/4 of an inch to 1.5 inches in the immediate Manning area.
You can't always judge the wind speeds by the damage...most of the time the trees and large branches that blow down had years of rot and insect damage, so when a big wind from the right direction comes through, it will do "Nature's Pruning."
Even buildings that are blown down, sometimes confound reason.
It is especially sad when historical buildings are damaged - to the point of no return.
During events like this, the most important thing is that no one was hurt or lost their life.

The old Duane Wegner home

The old Mueller Furniture Store - leaded glass Mueller sign.

2011 view

The old Willis Hill farm place

Go figure??? Not a broken pane!

View from 3/4 miles away.

Even though this barn is down in a cove and protected by a windbreak, house, and other building - it was probably destroyed by a micro-downburst. There are so few of these land-marks around and sad to see another one gone.

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