What's wrong with this scene?

Looking north on Ann Street
Where are the sledders?

Looking South on Ann Street February 2021

If you had the right snow pack and good sled you could make it down to the Julia Street intersection.

I know I'm just old fashioned and stuck in the past but I wonder if the fun and interaction we had in the 1960s and 1970s riding our sleds, having snowball fights, and building snowforts was better for both our mental and physical health than the kids today who sit inside and play endless hours on their computer toys all by themselves.
I remember even parents and other relatives joined in the fun of sleigh riding.

I was reminded that in the 1950s, the kids used South Main Street and rode their sleds down that huge hill toward the Willow Creek bridge.

If anyone has pictures of sledding at either one of these sites, please let me know.
I have pictures of thousands of different types of activities/events from Manning's past but I don't have one picture of sleigh riding on the weekends in Manning.

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