Even though I'm constantly looking back in Manning's history to learn what the town had decades ago, the community is always moving forward.

308 Main Street - 2003 photo
Some businesses in this building
1 Claussen's Drug Store
2 Neubaum Drug Store
3 Enenbach Variety Store
4 Manning Heat & Sheet Metal (Eustace Lake)
5 Philgas dealer
6 The Workshop (Kim Jahn) bar

August 25, 1932 Monitor Ad

Children's Day

Neubaum Drug Store on right.

Coming this spring Kris (Haskins) Waterbury and her daughter, Alisa Waterbury-Lingle will be opening the "Sweet Treats Ice Cream Shoppe."
They will be making homemade ice cream and also cookies and bars - business hours will be 1 pm to 9 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

They asked city and other organizational leaders what Manning needed and Ice Cream was high on the list, so Kris and Alisa took on the challenge.

March 11, 2021, refurbishing chairs.

Modifications beginning in the various rooms

Old carpet removed.

One reason they liked this building on Main Street is it already had a kitchen area from when Kim Jahn had his bar here.
So with some renovation, modifications, and updates they will be able to take advantage of the some of the infrastructure.

I always like to take pictures when a business gets started.
People need to see the hard work and effort it takes to get a business going. You should be able to appreciate it more once it gets going.

I also like to show the history of a building which shows how Manning is and has always been on the move with lots of people willing to take a gamble and invest in our community...NOW all of us need to give our support to this family, for without them and all of the other individuals and families who have businesses in Manning, we wouldn't have this amazing community we have today.

Manning people get things done IN SPITE OF the intrusive federal government we have today.

Another business operated by Traci & Gary Deets of Manilla, that is just getting started, is "TDG Military & More" will be in the basement where Thrifty Foods was once located.
They will eventually be making their own little concrete statues and will be selling knicknacks and items, many of which will have a military and Patriotic theme.
This site has a long and historically famous/infamous background. I won't go into all of the details but will show the most dramatic point in history when it was the two-story business - Rober-Wehrmann.

March 11, 2021

1939 southwest corner as seen in the above picture.

Front side along Main Street.

Front side along Main Street.

Fires were a constant threat back then - December 16, 1933, fire in the adjacent Lewis Reinhold building.
There was a lot of smoke damage to the Rober Wehrmann store.
It was also a multiple alarm fire with the Manilla Fire Department assisting.

I believe this was the grand opening - note the patriotic flags!

Even after a devastating fire - Manning never gives up!

March 11, 2021

Military and patriotic caps sold at TDG

Lots of room for expansion

Lots of room for expansion

More patriotic items

The Deets family has a long family history in the military and they currently have sons serving, so please support this new business and patriotic family.

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