I've finished with another batch of pix sent to me by Roland Valentine.
We need help with IDs for some of them.
If you worked for the Valentine Bakery or know of a relative/friend who did - PLEASE e-mail me so we can get a list of workers for that business...
Amos Misselhorn worked for the bakery while in high school.
He graduated in 1938 and during WWII served in the Navy, where he achieved the rank of Baker First Class...

Gale Vinke for a while during high school - Gale fried the donuts and Vergene Reinke dunked them.
Lenny Carstens worked at the bakery during high school.

Down below are some pictures of unknown people...

Amos Misselhorn - one of many military pictures that Bake Valentine had in his collection.
In fact, some of the only pictures I have of WWII Veterans came from Bake's collection.
Not even some family members seem to care that I get pictures of the Veterans in their families.

Unknown students - "Miss" something on banner.
Not sure of the stage location - if those are steel girders or stage curtains top back.

Unknown lady - house doesn't look like a style in Manning.

Clubhouse - boys will be boys

"Bake" Valentine canning tomatoes at his home along Railroad Street.

Anna Lucille "Pat" (Patrick) Valentine at her home along Railroad Street.

Emil Fuss rear of the bakery work area
Emil apparently delivered LP to businesses who needed the gas for heating purposes.

Vergene Reinke 1962 employee

Karen Reinke 1962 employee

Brenda & Aviation Cadet Roland Valentine

Roland - taken at their home at Second Street between the Petersen and Grundmeier homes
Pat Valentine

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