Denise Doyel keeps digging up pictures for me to scan...these are exactly the type of more recent pictures I'm looking for.
For 25 years I've concentrated on getting 50 to 100+ year old pictures scanned while there were people who were old enough to help out with IDs, and before those old pix got thrown away or lost.
Now I need to start working on pictures 50 and under...

Speaking of lost - this first picture was found in between a wall in the home at 338 Second Street during some recent renovation.
Fortunately there was a little information written on the back of the picture to at least know where to start.

I spent quite a few hours cleaning up the scratches and adjusting the contrast/brightness of isolated areas. I cropped it and kept it at a fairly high resolution for the web page so hopefully someone will be able to pick out a parent, grandparent, great-aunt/uncle.

Taken August 11, 1909 at Vollmer's house.
Also written on back: "Mom is 20 - one with tiny waist"
The earliest phone book I have is 1928 and there were no Vollmers in Manning listed during that time frame.
I have Elizabeth Vollmer's obituary. She married Michael Vollmer and they had 10 kids and lived in Templeton, so I'm assuming this picture was taken at a home in Templeton.
Now to figure out some of these people in the picture. Unfortunately they did not list the daughters' first names in the obituary: Mrs. John Pexa, Fordyce, Nebraska; Mrs. John Freetly, Fulda, Minnesota; Mrs. William Blair, Manning, Iowa; Mrs. Peter Boos, Fulda, Minnesota; Mrs. Joe Severing, Geddes, South Dakota; William Vollmer, Bridge Water, South Dakota; Micheal Vollmer, Merrill, Iowa; Frank Vollmer, Carroll, Iowa; John Vollmer, Templeton, Iowa; and Edward Vollmer, Jeffers, Minnesota.
I don't have any other Vollmer pictures from this era. I have Paul Vollmer's generation but his generation would have been born a few years after this picture was taken.

If only Arlene (Kuhl) Pershing was still living. She helped me a lot with Manning history and sent me her pictures to scan from her home in California. I never met Arlene in person but we chatted a lot on the phone...sometimes for hours. She was always amazed at how I could carry on a conversation with her about Manning's history but I explained that I have been studying it for many decades, so it helped me communicate with older people over the years.

Arlene's mother was Bertha (Vollmer) Kuhl, and she provided me with a lot of Vollmer pictures from Paul's generation but she only had one older generation Vollmer picture, who was Mary Vollmer.

Mary Vollmer holding Donna Rowedder

Paul Vollmer WWII

Is this Paul Vollmer?

I have other sibling pictures of Paul's generation but they won't help with the old picture.
So anyone who can help with the Vollmer picture and information, please contact me ASAP.

Here is the picture Denise (Hinners) Doyel gave me to scan...

1968 4-H: Emily Opperman, Karen Sturm, Denise Hinners, Nancy Vonnahme

Emily was in the dark so I isolated her frame and then enhanced the brightness and contrast so she shows up much better now. The other 3 gals were a little too bright so I lowered the overall brightness so they weren't "burned out."

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