From time to time, I'll find a picture postcard on E-bay that I don't have either another original of it or a scan of it.
This picture is a double exposure of some type - either intentional or accidental.
The feed business name is not one in Manning as far as I know (E. Skalovsky), but the house and bank looks like it could be on the southeast corner from the old hospital block - intersection of 141 and Center Street.
I have a number of pictures that show this area but not from this angle and it is the only place in Manning that I can think of that might be its location.
Manning, Iowa was written on back of the postcard - unfortunately, like usual, the seller didn't know any specific background on it...only that he purchased it in a collection of about 600 postcards at Griswold, Iowa, 20 years ago that were from Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, and Nebraska.

So if anyone thinks it might be that location or can confirm the location - please let me know.

If I'm correct this would be looking west along 141.
At that time this block was also bricks but I can't get enough resolution from the original image to tell if the surface is bricks or not.

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