IKM-Manning’s $18.6 Million Bond Referendum Fails To Pass In Tuesday’s Elections November 8, 2023
An $18.6 million bond referendum for the IKM-Manning Community School District to complete substantial facility construction failed to reach the required supermajority for approval in Tuesday’s city/school elections. According to unofficial results from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office, the measure had the support of 52.8 percent of voters, falling nearly seven points short of the 60 percent plus one required to pass.
Voters in Carroll County overwhelmingly supported the measure, with 90% in favor of approval. Audubon County voters also backed the measure with 71.7% in support.
The referendum failed due to a lack of support from Crawford and Shelby County voters, who voted 27.3% and 15.5% in support, respectively.

1936 gym construction

What if the Manning community had NOT voted for the 1970 school bond issue?

Ewoldt No. 5 country school was re-opened in 1963 to house grade school students until the new grade school construction was completed in 1964.
More than likely the Manning School District would have closed sometime after 1970, OR, if the district was still in existence during the 1980s or into the early 1990s - the old high school, which was structurally failing in 1970, would have surely had to be condemned and more than likely a new school bond issue would have never been proposed - so Manning students would have to be bussed to Carroll.
2009 is when IKM merged with Manning...
Would the IKM school district have voted to spend 5 to 10 million dollars to update their old schools or build a new school in Manilla or Irwin if the Manning District had closed?
Or would the IKM district have continued on with their existing school buildings?
In 2009 or soon thereafter, more than likely IKM would have closed and Manilla kids would have been bussed to Denison, and Irwin/Kirkman kids to Harlan.

Of course this is all speculation.
If you are interested in the history of the Manning School District then click on this link below from 2020.

2020 IKM-Manning School bond issue
There is some speculation and opinion but also a lot of historical facts that most people are probably unaware of...

Spark/FIRE Room, Multipurpose Room/Gym, Locker Rooms, & Commons
December 7, 2022
On Tuesday, December 6th, the IKM-Manning School Board held a Public Hearing and Special Board Meeting on the $7,900,000 proposed Sales Tax Revenue Bond.
After hearing public comments, the board approved the resolution to support the measure.
The proposed project would provide a multi-purpose room/gym, new boys' and girls' locker rooms, and additional classrooms including a larger classroom to accommodate our FIRE and Spark program.
The FIRE and Spark programs continue to grow and flourish providing hands-on and real-life experience for our students. Also included in the addition is a collaboration space for our students and teachers.
The next step in the process is to wait 14 days. During this time, the electors may petition the question of issuing the sales tax bonds to be submitted to the voters. To petition the project, district voters would need to file a petition with 452 signatures. The petition paper-work must be turned into Mallory Meyer, Board Secretary, by 5:00 pm on December 20, 2022. In the event a timely, valid petition is filed with the Board Secretary, the President will call a meeting of the Board to consider withdrawing the proposed Bond issuance or directing that question of the proposed Bond issuance be submitted to the qualified electors of the School District at a Special Election where the measure would need to pass by a simple majority (50%+1).
This project would not affect taxpayers or increase property taxes. The funds to pay for the project come from the statewide penny sales tax that all Iowans pay when making purchases across the state.
When borrowing against SAVE, districts are able to leverage up to 1.25x coverage on current revenues (which equates to 78%). This will still allow the IKM-Manning District to have funds for technology, buses, and other allowable expenses that are covered by the Revenue Purpose Statement. The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) will be used for maintenance and repairs that are necessary.
This particular project has been discussed for a number of years as a solution for the lack of classroom and activity space for our students. The Board and district leaders have been thinking outside the box to find ways to make improvements while not affecting the patrons' taxes.
The District understands that there are different opinions and thoughts on what the priorities should be for the district. The board was unanimous in moving forward with this project.
If any patrons have questions about this project, please call 712-655-3781 or email tmiller@ikm-manning.k12.ia.us
Trevor Miller, Superintendent
December 15, 2022 Manning Monitor

Construction of this gym began in 1972-73 - its 50th anniversary will be 2023-24

November 10, 2022 - an image the community can be VERY proud of!
While I know there are always infrastructure updates and repairs needed - our schools are in amazing shape considering the decades of use.

You WILL NOT see graffiti!!! and if it does show up, our amazing janitors will clean it up immediately.
Respect for property and each other, and Pride in our community and country are probably the most important things kids need to learn while growing up and receiving their education...

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