When I say I can't keep up with all of the things going on in Manning and surrounding rural area, some people think I'm exaggerating, but every day I go into Manning, I could capture multiple projects/activities that are in progress - YES, most are small and insignificant to most people who never realize they even occurred.

Here is the next unique project in Manning - bringing a boxcar to the Trestle Park.
Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation are the 3 BIG Cs it takes to pull off something like this.
First someone has to come up with the idea, then someone has to initiate the project, others have to coordinate multiple parties into team work...then you have to deal with the bureaucracy which most of the time isn't as excessive for small-town projects.
In this case there was a mixture of big and small time bureaucracy, but the Pioneer Will and Spirit abounds in Manning and things move forward despite some of the obstacles.
These are some of the entities that made it possible: BNSF RR, AGP, City of Manning and various employees, volunteers such as Twin Transfer (to move the car) and John Ohde (to operate the Bantam Crane), and more...

May 26, 2022 - moving the boxcar from AGP to Trestle Park

Heading north from 141 towards Trestle Park

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