This is the number of Civil War Veterans I now have in my Manning Veterans database which can be found linked on this web page

For several decades I had around 70 names, but recently Connie Petersen, who along with Ann (Voge), has found around 30 more names...Connie found a website that has post Civil War documentation cards that listed the McPherson Post #33, which verified they lived in/near Manning at one time.

I also had a number of names with no or very little information, and I wasn't 100% sure with the spellings of the names or if they were even Veterans, since my sources over the decades were vague and loose on facts.

I figured there were other Civil War Veterans who lived in Manning and moved on, but I never dreamed Manning had this many Civil War Veterans.

As I always write about, one of the main reasons why so many people came to/through Manning is because of the 3 railroads we had between 1880 - the late 1930s.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of our current Burlington Northern (formerly the Milwaukee) RR we have...a railroad service offers so much to a community, much of which is never fully understood or appreciated.

Below is the list of names which I think needs as much exposure as possible - even though they are all linked above.
If you have any pictures and/or information for any of these Civil War Veterans or any Manning Veteran - Please e-mail me.

Halsey D. Atherton, Henry Bailey, John G. Beal, Charles Beaston, Andrew Bell, Frank Blair, William Blair, Addison Blakeslee, Luman Brigham, Charles Brown, John Campbell, Joshua Chapman, Thomas Cochran, George Coe, Elisha Cole, Andrew Corbin, Andrew Cully, George Dailey, Nathaniel Dillingham, Samuel Donaldson, David Dorland, Cornelious Dunnick, Phillip Emery, Frederick Everhart, Charles Failing, Henry Farrell, James Foster, Horace Foot, Lyman Fuller, Julius Gardner, Elihu Garrison, A.C. Gaylord, Jacob Ginther, James Halford, James Hall, David Hamer, David Hamm, Henry Hanchett, Edwin Haskel, Wellington Hathaway, Charles Hawkins, Merrill Hutchins, John Ingledue, Benjamin Jenkins, Charles Knapp, Carl Koepke, Jacob Kuhn, James Kuhnes, Benjamin Lathrop, Bazil Lee, Francis Leonard, Uriah Lenhart, George Lieurance, Henry Lowry, George Makepeace, Calvin Mayberry, W.H. McVey, John McQuaid, George Michael, John Mills, Gilbert Moore, Joseph Moore, Frederick Murkle, Jacob Nickum, John Noble, Oliver Noble, Jonathan Ord, Edward L. Pardle, Samuel Parrott, John Parker, ? Patsey, John Pattison, Henry Peters (awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor), John Phillips, Cornelius Phillips, Elmer Pickett, Silas Priest, Isaac Riggs, Joshua Rogers, George Rosenberger, Henry Ross, Arthur Sanborn, Joseph Sawtell, John Schimek, Isaac J.H. Sherman, Charles Shook, Myron Smith, William F.E. Smith, William M. Smith, Morgan Spencer, Harvey Stalker, J.L. Statler, William Stephenson, George Stocker, Harvey Stocker, Donald Sutherland, Thomas Tarpy, Martin Tate, Roland Waterman, Samuel West, Selden E. Whitcher, H.C. Williams, Samuel Wilson, Alexander Young

Now please realize that there will be some errors under the various links of these Civil War Veterans...the information I have linked is only as accurate as the source material we find, such as the documentation cards found. I tried to compare information from obituaries I have for some of the Veterans, and also other information I have in my database...but no matter how hard I try, there will be errors in the database and eventually what is included in the book.
BUT it is very important to find and archive and publish this information in a Manning book so those Veterans have a "home" for their service.
You can find a lot of information on the Internet but there is no/little connection for those Manning Veterans and what is VERY different/unique about my Manning Historical Web Page Database.

I have well over 1000 Manning connected Veterans who I want to feature/honor in a two-volume Manning Veterans' history book, and now I have even more Civil War names...
So if you are a Manning connected Veteran and want to be included with these other amazing Manning Veterans - PLEASE e-mail me so we can work on your military story and get it added to the Manning Veterans' database and in the book.

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