1957 songs
Marty Robbins "A White Sport Coat"
Everly Brothers "Bye Bye Love"
Jimmie Rodgers "Honeycomb"
Perry Como "Round And Round"
Tammy "Debbie Reynolds"
The McGuire Sisters "Sugartime"

Loy Fitz and Dave Kusel are second cousins, once-removed
Siblings Maria (Hansen) Grau - Herman Hansen
First cousins Ida (Grau) Kusel - Irene (Hansen) Fitz
Second cousins Amos Kusel - Loy Fitz
Second cousin, once removed to Loy - Dave Kusel


December 14, 1939 - October 4, 2022
Loy W., son of Loy W. and Irene M. (Hansen) Fitz, was born December 13, 1939, in Manning, Iowa, where he attended school. Loy was a graduate of The University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he received a degree as an Actuary. For most of his working years, Loy worked as a casualty actuary in the insurance business. Loy's greatest "hobby" was his family's genealogical tree and history, a work that was never-ending. A quiet man by nature, his few words on any rendered opinion held great merit. Loy was often spotted throughout Quincy, Massachusetts, but most often at the library doing his research, at Starbucks drinking his Grande Bold, and Gunther Tooties eating his favorite cinnamon raisin bagels.

On October 4, 2022, Loy passed away at the Accent Care Inpatient Hospice Center in Milton, Mass. He was a man of great courage battling Parkinson's Disease in the last years of his life and will be missed by his many friends who were lucky to have known him.

Loy will be buried in the Manning Cemetery in Manning, Iowa. Donations in his name can be made at https://www.parkinson.org. Ohde Funeral Home in Manning, Iowa, is in charge of local arrangements.

Note: Irene Fitz was the daughter of Herman P. and Laura (Karsten) Hansen. Her siblings were Lauren, Walter, John R., Erwin, and Grace.