I just finished with fall work in the fields so now I can start catching up with all of the things on my agenda that I keep getting behind on all of the time.
After 2 days of HTML work I now have the feature story completed about the Charters of Freedom dedication on October 14, 2022
There is always a lot of editing and digital work to complete before I can post the final feature.
As usual, I like to take pictures of all the hard work and setup before an event is put on - everyone likes to take pictures during the event.

I know there are other sites out there with pictures and information about this event already posted, but they won't have start to finish...there are a lot of pix to view, but is worth the extra time to see what it took to get to the day of dedication.

I also have audio of the event so be sure to click on those links...

Another First in Manning, Iowa!
the FIRST in IOWA!!!

A copy on brass plaques of the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence will be in these displays.


Click on the links to the left to see the project from start to finish.
I always try to take pictures of the progress of every project in Manning - both big and small - from start to finish, so everyone can see ALL of the hard work it takes to get to the final stage.

Anyone can take pictures during the dedication but they don't understand the importance of capturing all phases, and to me the most important pictures taken are the ones that show the process before the end result is achieved.

More firsts for Manning, Iowa - again, all because of the amazing volunteers and supporters we have in Manning.
Just think of how much more we could accomplish if we had even MORE volunteers working toward a common goal to improve Manning, for now and the future.

Please make plans to attend the Charters of Freedom dedication on Friday, October 14, 2022, at 2 pm.
All are invited!

October 12, 2022

Several volunteers are doing the stone masonry work. John Gordon, on the left, is a Veteran who served with the Iowa National Guard - 168th Infantry out of Carroll during Operation Enduring Freedom.

If you wonder why things look so well-kept around town it is because of the many volunteers who take the time to trim, clean up, repair, and many other aspects that someone has to do or it will never get done...

Ron Halbur, one of several Heritage Park volunteers, who keeps things looking nice at the park...here he is trimming off the dead flowers so it will look neat and tidy for the dedication.
So here is a BIG SALUTE to all of Manning's volunteers, too many to name and most never get recognition, NOR do they seek it, but I try to capture as many as I can as I drive around town each day.

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