I just finished scanning several pictures of Bob Grundmeier that his wife, Betty (Stuhr) had sent to me.
I went to Robbie Grundmeier's viewing last week and while paying my respects to the family, I visited with Betty about Bob's military service.
I hate to ask people about Manning history during a loss in the family but many times this is the only chance I'll have to ask for pictures and information.
Betty found these items and mailed them to me - and I'll be returning them right away.

One of the reasons why I like to preserve Manning's history is because I know/knew so many of the citizens who lived here, or my siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents knew their families and interacted with most of them.

Robbie and I graduated in 1975 and I remember when he and his dad wired some electric motors on our farm during the summer of 1975...Bob had an electrical business in Manning...I think was called Grundmeier Electric.

I also appreciated it when Bob brought me the Washington Township country school directors' books in the mid-2000s so I could scan names and information from those books.
Bob was a member of the Carroll County Genealogical Society and let me borrow the books to scan. I was refused by other members to have access to them...I could work on them, BUT ONLY at the location they were being stored here in Manning at the time.

The Carroll Courthouse didn't want to store these books anymore so they gave them to the Carroll Society.

There was no way for me to work with and scan those books at the Manning location, so I was fortunate that Bob trusted me and appreciated my historical work and let me scan them.
This is one reason why I wanted to ask Betty for Bob's information, so I could honor him in the Manning Veterans' book - my way to show appreciation for his working with me.

I'm including this Grundmeier story with the Golden story.
In the Golden story I show how easy it is for history and connections to Manning to get lost and how important it is when people share their collections with me to scan and how I'll find pictures about non-family members who I previously had none.
The group picture is a perfect example - I had no idea that Deanes Rowedder is a Veteran and now I have a military related picture to use with his name...here are the items Betty sent so I could scan them.

Jerry Subbert, Deanes Rowedder, Dick Ocken, Robert Grundmeier
They went to service together.
Left Carroll on the bus at the Burke Hotel.

Robert Grundmeier

Everything I can scan will be helpful to create a bio on the Veteran.

I always think there is plenty of time to work with various Veterans but time usually runs out...here is Bob's 2015 response to my question if he was a Veteran - and I told him I would try to get together with him down the road to get more details - which never happened when he passed away in 2016.

February 24, 2015 e-mail from Bob:
Yes, I am an Army veteran, served during the Korean War.
1954-1956, 2 years active and 6 years reserve, Honorable discharge on July 31, 1962.
Did not serve in Korea, was in a Nike I Missile site based on the west end of Langley Air Force Base, Hampton Virginia.
Was based out of Fort Monroe, Virginia.

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