Back: Marlene, Marion, Jerry, Lila
Front: Alan, Louie, Elsie, Lori, Arden

Obituary for Arden Hargens

Arden Lowell Hargens, son of Louie John Peter Hargens and Elsie Catherine Sophia Sinow, was born on April 10, 1940, in Carroll County, Iowa. He attended his first year of public school in Manning, Iowa, until his family moved to a farm west of Manning where he attended country school. He received an Iowa High School admission certificate from Crawford County Country School No. 8 in May of 1955, but choose to stay home and help his father on the family farm.

In 1957, he met a cute little red head walking home from school on Main Street in Manilla, Iowa. The story is that he had to drive around the block a couple of times before he and his cousin pulled over to talk to her and her friend. Arden married Gloria Jean Lahr on May 1, 1959, in Omaha, Nebraska. The couple initially lived in Gray, Iowa, for a short period of time before moving to Carroll then to Vail, Iowa. The family briefly lived in Umatilla, Oregon, in 1978 before relocating to Manilla. Arden and Gloria then lived on the Hargens farm for a few years ultimately settling in Earling, Iowa, in 2009.

Arden worked a variety of jobs over the years. While in Vail, he volunteered for the fire department and was a bulldozer operator for Bill Blair while raising 5 daughters. The majority of his employment was working in a packing plant. He was employed through IBP, Dubuque Packing and Farmland Foods. After 35 years of cutting meat, he retired in 2005.

Hunting and fishing were two of his most favorite things to do while growing up. After a holiday gathering on the Hargens farm, it was tradition for Arden and his nephews to wander outside and "check out" the birds or squirrels. He was known as the "Iron Man" on his CB handle. He was always tinkering on something that needed welding. He enjoyed scrapping iron and hauling loads of scrap metal to Quandt Auto salvage for extra cash for his family. He never owned a new vehicle but rather would challenge himself by buying a used vehicle in which he would always work on as his own mechanic.

Nascar was a favorite past time with Dale Earnhardt as his driver. He enjoyed winning a few bucks at Bingo then going to casinos and losing a few bucks. He and Gloria loved to travel to Texas and even attended a few Dallas Cowboys football games. Iowa Hawkeyes were his favorite college team only because he was married to the BEST Hawkeye fan ever! While living in Manilla, he and Gloria enjoyed bowling on local team leagues. He loved to go to auctions which soon led to collecting model cars and other novelties. Assembling model cars as well as passing time with puzzles filled his time after retirement. Gloria and Arden collected admission fees for many summers for IKM (Irwin Kirkman Manilla) softball games. He was an avid gardener passing this love down to his children. He mother gave him the love to bird watch and try to find that rare bird in Iowa, such as the yellow cardinal!

His love of music grew over the years from Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard to Chris Stapleton and Whiskey Meyers. You could always hear Arden was close by when he would crank his tunes up in his vehicle as loud as he could go and drive real slowly until he reached his destination. He loved to watch movies and TV. Dukes of Hazzard was one of his first favorite TV series, only because of the 1969 Dodge Charger, The General Lee. His favorite movie was Hell or High Water and TV series, Yellowstone. One of the things he told his family that he would miss the most was Season 5 of Yellowstone and watching Two Broke Girls with his granddaughter, Marea.

There was always a family dog as long as his girls can remember, and a few cats along the way. His dog, Elliott was his favorite! Arden and Gloria's favorite breed was Shelties bringing 2 into their family home, Kia and Kya. Kia was his rock. She was his last dog who lived for him, and he lived for her. Kia was peacefully laid to rest one day after Arden at the age of 15. All 3 dogs will be placed to rest with him.

When Gloria passed away in 2016, he was asked to fill her spot playing Bunko with the Earling Ladies known to him as the "Bunko Bunnies." He enjoyed the friendships he made along the way of his life. His jet black hair never grayed. He always wore blue jeans with a leather vest and cowboy boots. Occasionally, one might see and hear him walking with his is spurs on.

Arden entered God's kingdom on March 11, 2022, peacefully at his home. He was proceeded in death by his wife, Gloria; parents, Louie and Elsie; sister, Marion (Jr.) Bartelson, and brothers, Alan and Jerry Hargens.

He is survived by his daughters, Melodie (Duane) Boell of Manilla, Iowa; Jamie Hanson (fiancÚ Randy Berg) of Westside, Iowa; Julie (Mark) Smith of Durant, Oklahoma; Jill (Darin) Ferry of Portsmouth, Iowa; and Jodi Hargens of Council Bluffs, Iowa; 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Living sisters, Marlene (Leo) Zimmerman of Griswold, Iowa; Lila (Dennis) Forke of Fairfax, Iowa; and Lori (Darrell) Voege of Grand Island, Nebraska.

1958 MHS graduates: Delores Ahrendsen, Berneil Antone, Dorothy Barten, Marilyn Bogatzke, Alerd Borkowski, Ronald Brus, Betty Dammann, Darlene Eckholdt, Leanne Ehlers, Gary Handlos, Marilyn Handlos, John Hansen, Larry Hansen, Priscilla Hiatt, Floyd Irlbeck, Janice Irlmeier, Jeanette Jahn, Susan Jansen, Janice Jensen, Gerald Kasperbauer, Donald Keat, Gary Koon, Judith Kuhl, James Kuker, Allen Laurinat, Marcia Martens (valedictorian), Linda Meggers, Gary Neubaum, Ruth Ohde, Joyce Renze, Carl Saunders, Marilyn Sonksen, Shirley Venteicher, Barbara Vollmer (salutatorian), Carol Vollstedt, Judith Wegner, Rae Lynne Wycoff

1958 former students: Larry Anthony, Karin Bauer, Roger Beck, Richard Brockelsby, Roger Christensen, Wesley Cooper, Wilbert Ehlers, Judy Espenhover, Linda Fisher, Janice Ford, Ronnie Frank, Jerome Gordon, Alan Groppe, Imogene Haberl, Mary Ann Hagedorn, Arden Hargens, Phyllis Himes, Judith Hugg, Larry Jentsch, Wayne Justice, Thomas Koch, Mary Jo Lingle, Joan Martens, DeAnn Miller, Wanda Miller, Robert Moore, Dennis Moran, Allen Muhlbauer, Susan Paulsen, Eugene Petersen, Raymond Platter, Vincent Ress, Karen Sander, Deloris Schroeder, Burton Schrum, Patricia Sextro, Barbara Spence, Steve Synhorst, William Tigges, Rita Wellendorf, Damian White, Carol Wyatt

Page 123 of the Manning Schools history book

Iowa No. 8
I scaned these pix from Marlene (Hargens) Zimmerman collection

1 Allen Ehlers, 2 Joyce Handlos, 3 Jerry Hargens, 4 Harold Jurgensen, 5 Annette Ehlers, 6 Donna Wegner, 7 Eleanor Ehlers, 8 Lila Hargens, 9 Larry Ehlers, 10 Gene Ehlers, 11 Lyle Ahrenholtz, 12 Lowell Stammer, 13 Arden Hargens, 14 Kenneth Ahrenholtz, 15 partially hidden, 16 Hazel Jurgensen, 17 Elaine Ehlers

1953-54 school year - December

Back: Lila Hargens, Elaine Ehlers, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Arden Hargens, Hazel Jurgensen, Annette Ehlers, Allen Ehlers
Front: Jerry Hargens, Gene Ehlers, Harold Jurgensen, Joyce Handlos, Eleanor Ehlers, Kenneth Ahrenholtz, Donna Wegner

1948 Christmas program

Back: Donald Ewoldt, Vera Ahrenholtz, Marlene Hargens, Marion Hargens, Willis Kruse, Joann Schrum
Fourth: Darlene Kruse, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Alan Hargens, Alice Jurgensen, Arden Hargens
Third: Elaine Ehlers, ??, ??, Hazel Jurgensen, Keith Hass
Second: ??, Alice Jurgensen?, Lila Hargens, ??
Front: Eleanor Ehlers, Kenneth Hass, Lowell Stammer, Annette Ehlers

Marlene Hargens 8th grade diploma

Marlene Hargens certificate into high school

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