Very few people living today knew John Hoffmann...but having worked on Manning's history and on the Hoffmann family history for decades, I almost think I knew John, until I read a new item of history about him - then I remember he died long before I was born.
He was one of at least 30 Manning connected citizens who paid the ultimate price serving their country.
It is easy to simply not think about any of these men or the 1000 plus Manning guys/gals who served our country.
Sometimes you'll see a tribute or recognition to a Veteran who lost their life during their military service, but there is SO MUCH MORE about that person that is usually overlooked, forgotten, or completely lost to time...Well NOT for John, because his history has been kept with the Hoffmann family all of these years and now is part of Dean Hoffmann's collection, which he has been graciously allowing me to scan over the decades.

Here is a little perspective for you to see that John was much more than a Veteran, which is equally as important as his military service.

Hopefully this will inspire and encourage more Manning connected people to work with me on their family's history and anyone who was a Veteran in their family.

It will hopefully also humble us some, when we think we have it tough and things don't go the way we always want them to...
Realize that the world would look a lot different today if it weren't for people like John who were willing to help fight off Socialism, Fascism, Communism, and Japanese Imperialism, and sadly we are still constantly challenged by many of these forms of control all around the world today.

Manning Soldier Dies in India
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoffmann have just been notified their son, Major John M. Hoffmann, died in India, January 2, 1944. No other information was contained in the notification. He was a 1928 graduate of the Manning High School and graduate of University of Iowa.
They have two other sons in the armed forces, Robert Hoffmann, who is serving with the Navy in the south Pacific and Harold Hoffmann, who is with the American forces in England.
- Save Your Tin Cans -
Council Bluffs Nonpareil, January 13, 1944

NOTE the last line in this article - it was a reminder for everyone to save their cans for the nation-wide scrap metal drive to help support the war effort.

John Hoffmann born December 4, 1908 - died January 2, 1944

Waldo Hoffmann 5, John Hoffmann 8
Photo by R.H. Claussen Manning photographer.

This picture was taken when WWI was starting in Europe and not long before the US got know that neither John nor Waldo had any idea what was ahead - Waldo died in 1918, I'm guessing from the Spanish Influenza and of course John would die in 1944 during the service of his country.

Just as I suspected, Waldo dies of the Spanish Influenze

MHS 1928

1928 MHS graduates: Wilbur Anthony, Russell Atkins, Irene Bingham, Maude Bingham, Alvera Claussen, Mildred Compton, Raymond Frahm, Lester Genzen, Blondina Grimm, Mabel Guth, Carl Hass, Walter Hass, Amy Haupt, Ella Hell, John Hoffmann, LaVon Kampen, Hazel Klindt, Joe Lamp, Otto Lamp, Sam Livingston, Harold Martens, Selma Ross, Eileen Signall, Howard Signall, Arlien Sinn, Walter Sonksen, Alexander Evans Souter, Eunice Stammer, Alice Stuedeman, Robert Wiese, Vera Wyatt

1928 Former students: Lucile Ackles, Lyle Babcock, Howard Barnard, Lowell Bingham, Hans Claussen, Goldie Dammann, Clay Denton, Mira Dillenbeck, Florence Emmons, Delpha Farrell, Guy Farrell, Bernice Foster, Vero Freece, Paul Grimm, Esther Guss, Jay Guss, Clarence Hagedorn, Berkley Halford, Louie Hargens, Vera Hathaway, Cora Hegen, Irene Hollenbeck, James Holmes, Frank Hurd, Lodema Johnston, Edna Karstens, Harry Karstens, Henrietta Kelting, Carl Klofkorn, Francis Koon, May Koon, Chester Kuhl, Herman Kuhl, Lionel Markley, Gretchen Meisel, Lillian Meisel, Edna Mundt, Elda Musfeldt, Claus Nielsen, Jr., Inez Ohde, Harold Parkhouse, Russell Paulk, Mary Pencker, Irene Pfoltner, Eddie Puck, Edward Ramsey, Juanita Reese, Walter Reese, Elsie Reichart, Edna Ress, Vera Schoening, Henry Schrum, Edward Schumann, Erna Sommerfeldt, Joseph Sonksen, Cora Stout, Gladys Struve, Anna Unti, Helen Weidner, Mildred Wentzel, David Wheeler, Verne White, Evelyn Wilke, Harry Williver

John watering his garden

Robert & John Hoffmann

John & Bob

1932 graduate University of Iowa

Hoffmann home built in 1881 - now the location at the south end of the Terrace Apartments.

John built this Swan boat

MHS 1928

1928 Back: Coach Hicks, Harold "Moc" Martens, Bill Knaack, Dale Griffith
Middle: Ray Frahm, Otto Lamp, Walt Sonksen, Bob Wiese, Carl "Skinny" Hass
Front: John Hoffmann, Ernest Barten

1927 Coon Valley football team
North side of the old high school just south of Highway 141 - now the Rec Center racquetball court.

Back: Coach Kenneth Hicks, Gale Griffith, Clarence Barten, Fred Soll, Howard Signall, Walter Hass, Felix Hagedorn, Edwin Martens, Ruel Whitcher, Russell Curtis
Middle: Walter Sonksen, Ernest Barten, Carl Hass, Harold Martens, Herman Kuhl, Bob Wiese, Ray Frahm, William Knaack, John Hoffmann, Dale Griffith, Captain Otto Lamp
Bottom: Alvin Hass, Chester Kuhl, Johnny Horn, Johnny Jahn, George Brady, Chester Kortum

John's 8th grade Tuberculosis Society Card

Major John Hoffmann - buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii

Fort Benning, Georgia

To keep their sanity, sometimes they had to do something silly!

John Hoffmann

Fort Benning

Chow line

John Hoffmann

John Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann

Harold "Dutch" Hoffmann

Robert, Harold, John

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