It all started here June 8, 2021

Adams Motor had closed its doors several years earlier.

So-called progress and inevitable changes occur throughout our history.

Northwest corner of the Germania Hall
This building stood on what is now the Level B building and parking lot.
The south side of the building faced Iowa 46 (now Highway 141)

Originally the Germania Hall stood on this property, but burned down in the early 1920s and then members of the Manning Schuetzen Verein (incorporated in 1879) built the wonderful and beautiful brick building that people my age and older should remember.

That brick structure, among other historical structures should have never been torn down, but decisions have to be made to make room for the future so quite a few old structures have been razed over the decades.
Note: My comments are NOT meant to be judgmental on those who made those decisions. I realize a myriad of decisions had to be made on whether to keep the building or tear it down and build a new one.

This building stood on what is now the parking lot of Level B
built in 1925 and torn down in 1975

Northeast corner of the Manning Schuetzen Verein hall

Schuetzen Verein Charter members

Eventually the Schuetzen Verein members closed the doors and they gifted the building and property to the Manning Fire Department.

July 7, 1938, Legion & Firemen carnival ad - event held in the building now called the "Firemen's Hall."

The Manning High School used this and several other buildings around town for classrooms.
Here are some members of the MHS class of 1934.

Back: Bill Ohde, Albert Boock, Harlyn Hinz, Launetta Murphy
Front: Marjorie Martens, Bob Petersen, Bernice Dethlefs

Teachers: Virginia Dethlefs, Charles Brotherton, Roy Karbula, Ila Rix

Another familiar "landmark bites the dust" April/May 1975

View on north side

Looking south toward the stage

Balcony level looking east

Looking north toward the balcony

Looking to the southwest

William F. Ohde on the stage