Some people may wonder about the story behind Level B so read below see how/where it started and came to fruition...

It so happens that Jeremy Puck and his wife, both lived along Level B mud roads while growing up.
Jeremy, at 1110 100th Street in Audubon County with his parents Ben and Kathy (Willenborg) Puck.
His wife, Melissa, grew up with her parents Steve & Kathy Pfannkuch at 33091 Concord Avenue in Carroll County, which was the former Hugo & Eunice (Grau) Ahrendsen farm - who were my aunt and uncle.

Now if you grew up in Manning during the 1950s through early 2000 you were familiar with the meeting places out in the country which were the Level B and mostly mud roads such as Grassy, Roller Coaster, Bridge, B & F, Beer Can Hill, Skunk, Trojan, and I'm sure there are several more.

If you can think of more mud road names and also would like to submit some "fun" but G rated stories about your escapades on any of these mud roads, please e-mail me.

Dave Kusel

I'm hoping to take someone my age along with me sometime to find all of these roads and get the signage so they will be documented for our history.

May 9, 2022

May 7, 2022 Level B mud road - just north of where Melissa grew up.

Intersection of Concord and 330th Street

May 9, 2022 looking west on 100th Street - Audubon County

100th Street

Level B mud road warning sign on the west end of 100th
Home in the background where Jeremy grew up.

Looking east on 100th May 12, 2022