As you often see in my writings how I can't keep up with everything that is going on around town; this spring is nothing new.

The open house/ribbon cuttings seem to be on a weekly basis right now.
Below is the most recent one...

I also try to bring more awareness to the Manning public about supporting the businesses we have here and not go out of town when there is something you can purchase locally.
I hear many whine that they can't afford to pay more for something here when it is cheaper elsewhere...I just listen and don't bother discussing the topic because it would be fruitless. The vast majority of those people who say this have smart phones and all kinds of electronic gadgets for their kids, not to mention all kinds of other things that they could really do without.
There also isn't any understanding or consideration that if they want the amazing and very unique life style we have here in Manning to continue, that they need to support the local businesses a lot more - they are your friends, relatives, and neighbors who not only pay business taxes but also personal taxes that help maintain the infrastructure, pool, waterslide, trails, library, and everything else that is part of the city functionality, including wages for the city employees...these businesses also employee people.

I also like to explain about and show with pictures how much HARD/physical work and expense it takes to start a business that is going to support your town and how much labor it will take to continue things!
Here are a few pictures from start to finish for "Willow Creek Market Garden" - owner Marty Orr, who also has a mowing business.

November 22, 2021 hauling in woodchips and organic matter from the city recycling pile.

November 26, 2021

March 10, 2022

March 23, 2022

May 4, 2022

May 11, 2022 Open House

May 11, 2022 Open House

7000 flowers for sale

May 11, 2022 Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting

Now there have been other ribbon cutting/open houses that have occurred since last year.
These individuals/families have also taken a BIG GAMBLE in starting their new businesses and have also invested a lot of time and labor to get started - they need YOUR support too...along with ALL of the other older existing businesses in the community.

These type of people are extra-special members of our community who believe in it so much to put their body and soul into making it possible for our town to survive and flourish!

June 9, 2021 "Sweet Treats"

Kris (Haskins) Waterbury and her daughter during their opening.
They both grew up in Manning, and went to school here, so their roots are deep in the community.

Manning has a grocery store, Pizza restaurant, the Corner Cafe, Cliff's Place, and now a new sports bar/restaurant (featured just below) - so many wonderful businesses that we need to support fully and more often.

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