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If you have purchased Manning items on E-bay or other website, please let me know.
If it is a document, picture, or postcard, I'd like to scan them to add to the Manning digital archives.
The items I purchase are not for me but for a future Manning Museum I am working on with another local business person.
I try to bid on Manning items that I don't previously have, but occasionally might bid on a picture postcard that has different information and names on it than the one I already had a scan of.
Most of the current Manning picture postcards for sale on E-bay I already have one or more of those actual postcards and/or high resolution scans of them from years/decades ago, so unless there is some historical information on the backs of them I don't have, I'm definitely not going to pay the over-priced amounts most of them have.

So if you see an item on E-bay and want to bid on it - PLEASE e-mail me so we don't bid against each other. That way we can work it out so the item gets scanned.

August Wunder married Bertha Sievers
He had moved to South Dakota where he died and then buried in Manning.

The opera house was a large wooden building called Germania Hall.
It burned down around 1924.
In 1925, it was replaced by the brick Schuetzen Verein building- later called the Firemen's Hall.
Today it is the parking lot for "Level B"

Remember the days of "Barbecues" in the area - Aspinwall had one of the larger/longer held ones and Manning had barbecues for a number of years.
As I recall, the barbecue pit in Manning was located in the area behind the current grocery store.

Manning Barbecue Draws a Big Crowd
A large crowd attended the annual Beef Barbecue on August 12, 1965, sponsored by the Manning Chamber of Commerce. Chamber officials estimated that serving of beef sandwiches and the trimmings was in excess of that of other years.
After an evening of rides and games, the awarding of six savings bonds took place.
Carl Koepke, Manning, received a $500 bond. One-hundred dollar bonds were awarded to John Schaeble, Templeton; Ella Dammann, Clinton; Carl Hagedorn, Manning; Jeanne Clark, Botna, and Thaddeus Stevens of Waukegan, Illinois.
Carroll Daily Times Herald August 14, 1965

Another Manning FIRST

Paul Mentzer Phones Family From Tokyo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mentzer of Manning Friday, September 10, 1948, received a telephone call from their son, T-5 Paul F. Mentzer, stationed in Tokyo, Japan.
"So far as we know here, it is the first call from Tokyo to Manning," Mr. Mentzer said. The Mentzers were informed last Wednesday morning that the call would be received about midnight Friday and were awaiting it.
"The call came through right on the dot" said Mr. Mentzer. "It was very clean and we could hear every word just as plain as if he were in the U.S.
T-5 Mentzer is attached to the 27th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company, 1st Cavalry Division. He has been in Japan nearly two years and has one more year to serve.
"He was very happy over the call," the father said, "and needless to say, my wife, myself, and daughter, who all talked to him, were very delighted to hear his voice."

Paul served during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

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