Glenda (Struve) has been a big help with Manning history and has shared her pictures and information with me to scan since 2004.
She recently was given some family pictures and these 2 are not connected to her, one of which we can't figure out for sure what the last name is or the connections to Manning.
I'm sure I've seen this name (Rezac) but can't find this specific spelling in my database that was written on the picture.
I tried several spelling variations but so far no positive results during my computer searches.

So if anyone can help with the "Rezac" name please let me know.
The other picture was identified as Eunice Lamp, who I'm sure would be Mrs. Julius Koester, daughter of Hubert and Amelia least I don't think there was more than one Eunice Lamp in this area.

Eunice Lamp

Minnie & Rose Rezac was written on the frame of the picture

Any help with the Rezac name will be greatly appreciated...

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