For those of you who follow my obituary page, if you are working on or have worked on your family history, please go through my database and thoroughly read through your relatives obits.

Let me know if you see typos, errors, incorrect information, and if you can add information to and clarify any of them.
I'm trying to catch the errors in the obits I find and are published, and correct them in my database.
Way too many people are not taking the proper time/effort to proof read the obits they write or not careful when they transcribe an obit or use OCR software.
Also, I'm seeing more and more "word-salad" obits that are short on historical facts and long on feathery wording - I'm looking for the historical facts and background.

As I've written before, back in 1996, I started putting obits on my web page so I could log in at someone's home with my laptop and dial-up connection when I was visiting with all of the various "old timers" in Manning who I was interviewing and working on Manning/family histories.

I just remembered receiving a couple of e-mails from people who were objecting of me posting their obits on my web page during the early years.
I was polite but told them that these obits were in the public domain already, albeit, what I was doing was way ahead of the curve - now today everyone is posting obits on their websites.

So any help with Manning obits will be appreciated.
If you have any that I don't have, please consider sharing - I'm sure you've found some on my web pages and probably other family pictures and information that has helped your research.

Well, Connie found Roy's dad's name and I have his obituary so now I have more information on this family.
Thanks to Jim Stoffers who found this map that proves the burial location for Roy & Julia Asmus...most people probably won't see the importance of having this information but I just hate it when a fomer Manning resident falls off the face of the Earth - especially a Veteran!
I'm trying to find more information for Roy V. Asmus, his mother, Dora, and also pictures, especially military pictures of Roy.

This is the direct link to Roy and I wouldn't have initially known his mother's name if it weren't for the 2 Monitor articles.

The main reason I'm trying to find out more information is for his military record to include in the Manning Veterans' history book.
This is a perfect example of why I need more Veterans to come forward and families of Veterans, so more don't fall off the face of the earth.

It is also another example of how obituaries need to be written with more historical and factual ancestral information.

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