Steven Rutz
1965 Manning High School graduate

Tonight we honored our head starter Steve Rutz. He has been with us since 2011 and serving our great sport for 50 years. He announced his retirement this season and we celebrated and honored him with a silver pistol, the title starter "emeritus," and we will be renaming our high school Early Bird Opener meet in his name to the Steve Rutz Starter Meet!
We got to surprise him in front of his family, friends, fellow starters, coaches, and his favorite group of people of all on meet days, the student-athletes. The full field of athletes, coaches, and fans joined in celebrating Steve.
Thank you for your lifelong commitment to education, athletics, and the sport of track and field.
Forever grateful for you, Steve!
University of Dubuque Track & Field/Cross Country
Iowa Association of Track Coaches
Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU)
Iowa High School Athletic Association
USA Track & Field

A few images of Steve growing up in Manning, Iowa, while attending school
Mrs. Golda Sander 3rd Grade class

Back: Jacky Wiese, Joann Peters, Pam Kusel, Don Callender, Eddie Stangel, Jimmy Keat, Bill Ohde, Janice Knueven, Lois Oakley
Front: John D. Moeller, Steve Rutz, Jean Graner, Julie Monson, Mike Seivers?, Mrs. Golda Sander, Daru Ross, Albert "Butch" Jansen, Karen Reinke, Sherry Loucks

Junior high football (undefeated) 1960-61 seventh and eight grade
Back: Charles Brotherton - coach, Nate Dappen, Doug Kusel, Albert "Butch" Jansen, Tom Schroeder
Third: Don Kingsbury, Lonnie Kasperbauer, Gary Eischeid, Steve Ruhde, Craig Grau, John Doyel, Dan Pratt
Second: Hilbert "Huey" Hoffman - manager, Steve Rutz, Phil Sextro, Bill Ohde, Bill Saunders, Mike Hoffman, Jeff Musfeldt, Daru Ross - manager
Front: Mark Joens, John Beckman, Nick Dappen, Dave Hass, Steve Musfeldt, Steve Atkins, Dennis Vaudt

1964 varsity football team
Standing: Kelly Pratt, Gary Knueven, Ron Arp, Rick Hargens, Michael Blum, Allen Muhlbauer
Middle: David "Nubs" Dammann, Dave Rauch, Mark Joens, Douglas Kusel, Steve Ruhde, Dennis Ohde, Steve Atkins, Nicholas Dappen, John Beckman, Bruce "Stump" Rutz, Tom Jensen, Charles Moore
Front: Nathan Dappen, Jeff Musfeldt, Phil Sextro, Dan Pratt, Craig Grau, Tom Schroeder, Mike Hoffman, Steve Rutz, Curt Grimm, John Doyel, Bill Saunders, Ray Dentlinger, Lonny Kasperbauer

1963 school play
Back: Joan Ranniger, Jeff Musfeldt, JoAnn Peters, Karen Brady, Bill Ohde, Larry Ehlers
Middle: Carol Ranniger, Angela Kusel, Gene Ehlers, Steve Rutz, Sandra McGrath, Barb Vollstedt, Annemarie Schwartz
Front: Hilbert Hoffman, Dave Pfoltner, Larry Fischer, Kent Weible, Nate Dappen

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