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Stanford University, along with many other colleges, want many words banned.
Grandfather is just ONE of many words they want banned.
May I use Gro▀vater?
Actually I'll use whatever words I want to use - this is called Freedom of Speech...which is part of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Before the so-called leaders in our country and the individuals who are hired to run our institutions, preach to us about what we can and cannot say, they need to first learn the meaning of this word "TRUTH" in other words "not lying."

Prior to the election, we were told there were 1,121,500 new jobs estimated by the sum of the states; the U.S. CES estimated net growth of 1,047,000 jobs for the period.
Now after the election we find out that only 10,500 net new jobs were added during this period.

The White House keeps telling us the "southern border is NOT open." Another way to express not open is "closed."
The current rate of people ignoring our laws every day and illegally entering our country is 5000 - not counting the "got aways."
It does no good to show the thousands of pictures and videos of this endless invasion because a lot of US citizens either don't care or refuse to actually look into the lies by our government officials and news media because it doesn't fit their narrative and political views.

I thought that misinformation and disinformation were a threat to our Democracy?

Since the initial post above, I received a threatening e-mail by someone I thought I knew.
It wasn't a physical threat but a typical intimidating and personal attack on my character...the attacks and threats on citizens you see/hear nearly every day by people who think ONLY they have the "right to freedom of speech" and ONLY they can be the "arbiters of truth."

The images down below are just a grain of sand in the sea of examples of lying, and attacks on the children of our nation...that will continue until the majority of US citizens who don't agree with these attacks on the fiber of our nation - fight back and speak up - they can't continue to be silent and intimidated, OR we will lose our country.

1.7 Trillion dollar omnibus spending bill - coming soon!

US Debt 31.5 Trillion dollars

When will people stop voting in liers - the "swamp" which has both sides of the aisle as members...

January 8, 2023 Biden visit to El Paso, Texas
Chihuahua Street in downtown El Paso near the convention center and the Greyhound bus station had become an encampment for migrants, the majority of whom were detained by Border Patrol on Wednesday night.
By Thursday morning, city crews had cleared the area of blankets, clothes and other items left behind.

January 2023 - DC Comics releases pregnant Joker

The Joker pukes up a blob of mud that soon morphs into his own tiny doppleganger.

This is what an aborted baby is thought of - just a "blob"...60,000,000+ and growing since 1973 Roe v Wade.

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