Another "First" for Manning
As I continue to work on the various newspaper articles that Ann (Voge) & Connie Petersen are finding for me on various websites, we keep running into amazing aspects of Manning's history.
This "first" was found by Connie and after searching for more information on the Internet - it will be impossible to determine who was actually the "first" to receive a Winton auto in the US, which appears to be the first car of any company delivered to a buyer.
Anyway, if Manning wasn't the first it sure looks like it was the second community in the US to get a car.
I searched the 2 older Manning history books and there is no mention of a Winton or which Manning banker purchased it but I think I've narrowed it down to either O.E. Dutton or Donald W. Sutherland.

I would have to believe that the Winton was brought in on either the Northwestern or the Milwaukee RR and Charles road on one of the passenger cars...then the car was unloaded and he drove it down Main Street.


On March 28, 1898, Charles Owen sold what is thought to be the first auto delivered in the United States to a Manning, Iowa, banker. It was a one-cylinder Winton, and Mr. Owen reports horses broke away and ran wild when he drove it down the street.
Mr. Owen who is retiring from automobile business here, is going to take a trailer trip.
Buffalo Evening News, Buffalo, New York May 3, 1940

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The Winton Company recorded its first sale in March of 1898 for $1000 dollars and by years end, 22 Winton's were sold.
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The Winton Motor Carriage Company was a pioneer United States automobile manufacturer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Winton was one of the first American companies to sell a motor car.
In 1896, Scottish immigrant Alexander Winton, owner of the Winton Bicycle Company, turned from bicycle production to an experimental single-cylinder automobile before starting his car company.
The company was incorporated on March 15, 1897. Its first automobiles were built by hand. Each vehicle had painted sides, padded seats, a leather roof, and gas lamps. B.F. Goodrich made the tires for Winton.
On March 24, 1898, Robert Allison of Port Carbon, Pennsylvania, became the first person to buy a Winton automobile after seeing the first automobile advertisement in Scientific American. Later that year the Winton Motor Carriage Company sold 21 more vehicles, including one to James Ward Packard, who later founded the Packard automobile company after Winton challenged a very dissatisfied Packard to do better.

1898 Winton ad

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