Cousin Jon Ahrendsen is currently in Antarctica for a 7-month medical assignment at McMurdo Station.
He is posting pictures and information on Facebook if you want to follow his activities.
BUT here is one of his messages and a picture for you to see...

I did a radio interview with a reporter from WHO radio on Monday morning here. I tried to reach WHO radio during the Iowa Penn State game to let them know I was listening to the Iowa football game from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. They had no way to read Gary Dolphin during the broadcast, but they were very interested in my situation, and so they requested to do an interview later.
They cannot tell me a definite time when this will be broadcast, other than the information they shared which follows. They wanted a picture of me by the McMurdo Station sign so I was able to do that last night. They told me the story will likely air on WHO, WMT, and WOC radios. Which day? I have no clue.
Each anchor will fit it into their newscasts throughout the day. Most likely to run on WMT at 5-6-7-8 am and noon. WHO noon.
Newscasts start at the top of the hour. The longer entire interview will likely run on our half hour focus show on Sunday morning October 1, 2023, at 6 a.m.

Jon Ahrendsen

WHO story about Jon

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