Trying to help my "Manning helper" Jim Stoffers with his big Jahn/Gehlsen 150th anniversary reunion for this fall.
He is looking for pictures of the Henry & Emma (Stammer) Anthony family.
Ironically, I have several but many were not originally identified until showing this feature story.
Another irony is these and about 100 other family pictures were just about burned up in an old farm house that the new owners were going to burn down.
By a fluke, Lois (Anthony) Stribe and her husband were in Carroll one day in 2014 and they got to talking with someone they knew and the discussion about the farm house being burned up that had a lot of old pictures in it came up.
Lois knew the previous owners of the farm and that they were her relatives.

So Lois & her husband Lowell raced over to that farm that was south of the Westside/Arcadia area and grabbed the pictures.
Then in 2016, Lois told me this story and about those old pix so I grabbed them and scanned them.

Here are some pix from that family collection that are identified but most not identified by first names.
I can't remember why I don't have them identified as Lois surely would have known them, being her cousins and her age but I'm thinking I forgot to ask her for IDs with this particular bunch of pix...and now she is deceased so I can't go to her for help any more.

Lyle John Anthony, Glen Henry Anthony, Merle Allen Anthony

I'm not sure I remember Glen, but Merle had a corn shelling business and Lyle's 2 sons, Jim & Jerry were in school with me.

Henry Anthony - father of the 3 boys

Henry Anthony and Emma Stammer

Emma (Stammer) and Henry Anthony

Back: Wilber Claus Anthony, Norma (Anthony) Lamaack - John and Emma's two children
Front: John William Anthony and wife, Emma Mathilda (Kuhl) Anthony
This picture was initially identified incorrectly in my database - Jim had the correct IDs...
This picture came from the Bernice (Mundt) Spiese collection I scanned in 2002.
She grew up in the same area northwest of Manning.
I asked her one day if she had old pictures I could scan - she said not really.
After she died we found tons of pictures, so again, I was never able to ask her for IDs.

Lyle Anthony, WWII - also in the Henry Anthony folder of scans I made in 2016

Glen Anthony
Merle was not in the military and I don't have Glen's obituary.
I've asked my other helper, Connie, to see if she can find his obit which might help.

Glen Anthony - also in the Henry Anthony folder.
I seldom try to compare identified pictures with unidentified pix - too many times guesses are wrong - now try it with a kid picture vs. adult!

Shelling October 1959 on the Melvin & Marge Kusel farm
Doug Kusel, Merle Anthony, Amos Kusel, Emil "Dusty" Ress, Alan Kusel, Hugo Ahrendsen, Melvin Kusel, Melvin Nissen.
Scanned in 2000 from the Mel & Marge Kusel collection.

Henry Anthony farm home 1 1/4 miles east of Five Mile house
Also in the Henry Anthony folder

Henry & Emma Anthony anniversary - I think in Saunders Steak House

Back: Connie Anthony, Emma (Stammer) and Henry Anthony
Jim Anthony and Jerry Anthony, Barbara and Steve Anthony (Merle's kids)
Connie, Jim, and Jerry are Lyle's kids
Missing is the youngest Anthony grandchild, Alan (Glen's son).
He would have been living in California and was only 18 months old at the time

The rest of the pictures below are also in the Henry Anthony folder

I assume 2 of the Anthony boys playing their Steel Guitars

I assume 2 of the Anthony boys

Glen Anthony

Probably an Anthony

Lavonne (Schnoor) & Lyle Anthony

Merle & Berdella (Farley) Anthony

Glen Anthony

I know I sound like a broken record, but this feature is just one of hundreds of collections I've worked on and tried to get IDs.
I also know that many of those collections I've scanned over the decades have been thrown away or in the case with these Anthony pictures probably were NOT "saved from the fire..."
So bring your old pix & history to me so they will get preserved and archived BEFORE it's too late!

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