While working on more obituaries and Manning history, Connie Petersen ran across these 2 interesting articles for me...something I don't recall ever hearing about.

May 23, 1940 Manning Beauty Parade

"Miss Manning" Chosen There Tuesday Night
The beauty parade sponsored by the Manning and Irwin merchants was held in the Manning Opera House Tuesday, June 4, 1940. From 60 girls entered in the contest, three were selected from Irwin and three from Manning.
The first-place winners were announced as Miss Irwin and Miss Manning and will compete at Marshalltown this fall in the Miss Iowa State contest. Representatives from 90 Iowa towns have been selected and more contests will be held in different parts of the state to compete here.
The following were selected in order on the basis of poise, grace, looks, and carriage: Mary Humphreys (Miss Irwin) representing Carter's Cafe; Virginia Thomsen, wearing the Steenhusen Hardware banner, and Betty Carter representing the Will Auto Company.
LaRae Vandeman (Miss Manning) representing Ella's Beauty Shop; Pearl Armstrong, entered by Paulsen's, and Marilyn Anderson, Vera's Beauty Shop.
The following program preceded the judging: Vocal solo - Mary Humphreys. Vocal duet - Darlene and Glen Greteman, Templeton.
Baritone horn solo - Wallace Kruse, accompanied by Helen Schrum.
Acrobatic exhibition by Joyce Bingham and Beverly Peters.
Several overtures were played by the Wallace Kruse orchestra, "Six Hits and a Miss." It also played during the beauty parade.
Carroll Daily Herald June 6, 1940

MHS Band 1938 Back: Wally Kruse, Donald Schrum, Betty Grelck, Francis Zerwas, George Pfoltner, Amos Rutz
Third: on tuba Frank Miller, Pat Wood, LaRae Vandeman, Virginia Vandeman, Dorothy Dethlefs, Elaine Schroeder, Jean Schrum, Lester Siem, LaVerne Meyer, Dorothy Scanlan, LeRoy Hass on tuba
Second: Harold Turpin - bandmaster, Lorraine Kuhl, Margaret Lake, Dale Bingham, Lilah Schrum, Ruth Schelldorf, JoAdele Meyers, Louise Schrum, Louise Kuhl, Naomi Ross, Doris Reinhold, Shirley Bailey
Front: Ray Schrum, Jim Ansorge

1939 Tumbling class
Back: Ruth Rostermundt, Mary Campbell, Leola Keat, Pauline Cramer, Marian Ohrt, Marilyn Mohr, ??
Third: Agnes Blum, LaVerne Meyer, Marilyn Anderson, Irene Stoberl, Margaret Lake, Viola Rostermundt, Virgene Schacht, Edna Flenker
Second: Dorothea Schrum, Norma Keairnes, ?Leona Schrum? LaRae Vandeman, Gladys Baumann - teacher, Genevieve Blum, Lila Louise Dalgety, Joyce Strathman
Front: Virginia Greteman, Donna Keat, Clarice Keat, Phyllis Joens, Betty Grelck, Norma Dietz, Joy Moore, Virginia Vandeman

Manning Schuetzen Verein Hall - later donated to the Manning Fire Department
Also called the Opera House as mentioned in the pageant story above.

I quite often write about this structure and how it should have never been razed in 1975...like so many other historic Manning buildings...and I also realize it takes money to preserve them and who was going to do that.
But still so sad when they are torn down...gone forever.

1940 MHS graduates: Lyle Arp, Florence Bueltel, Albert Claussen, Phylis Dalgety, Lucille Eckley, Roger Eich, Ermyle Fielweber, Jean Firth, Merlin Hargens, LeRoy Hass, Harold Hoffmann, Viola Joens, Viola Juels, Norma Claire Keairnes, Clarice Keat, Kenneth Keat, Eunice Kempf, Paul Kempf, Robert Kruse, Wallace Kruse, Jeanne Kuhl, James Livingston, Margaret Mentzer, JoAdele Meyers (valedictorian), Charles Gale Moore, Harold Nickum, Maxine Nickum, Arlene Niehaus, Dean Noble, Richard Ohm, Dorothy Pahde, George Pfoltner, Donald Ramsey, Naomi Ross, Ruth Rostermundt, Dorothy Scanlan (salutatorian), LaVerne Schroeder, Jean Schrum, Wayne Schrum, Labert Stahl, Betty Steen, Irene Stoberl, Virgene Umland, LaRae Vandeman, Gerhardt Voge, Selma Wiese, Francis Zerwas

1940 former students: Howard Wayne Accola, Daryl Allen, James Armstrong, Wayne Cole, Edna Flenker, Betty Gillett, Arthur Halford, Idols Hubbard, Douglas Roger Jaeger, Betty Anne Klyver, Donald Kuhse, Jean Lippold, Chester Mohr, Jeanette Paysen, Winford Doug Rogers, Lester Schrum, Pat Stangl, Eugene Thomsen, Billy Ullman, Bill Volquartsen, Phyllis West, Billy Wheeler, Georgia Woodard

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