This is a shout-out to the younger generations/couples/individuals who call Manning home!!!
If you want the quality of life you are used to here in Manning you need to step it up and get more involved.
You say you are already involved or don't have the time.
Talk with someone in their 60s to 90s about how their time was spent and how busy they were when they were younger - it was a MUCH different "BUSY" back then.
Pooh, Pooh this and just think of only your time and yourself and in a slow progression the community will deteriorate and decline and the quality of life won't be there, compared to what we have now.

Maybe you are part of the older generations but have never served on a board or volunteered much - now is a good time to step up and help the younger generations transition into their time of taking care of Manning.

Also, to the Manning citizens - when you see one of the Chamber members, especially those who filled board positions for one or more decades - give them a BIG Thank You...
Dave Kusel

Manning Chamber of Commerce
July 2021 is Officer Elections for the Manning Chamber of Commerce. Please give this your consideration.
We are in need of all four positions, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
This is our 100th Year Anniversary and it would be a shame to see this organization fold due to the lack of leadership.
It's time for a change. We would like to see candidates with new, fresh ideas and new leadership skills! If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us!
Give it some thought. The Chamber needs to be re-energized!
Kirk Huehn has been the Chamber President for 12 years and is ready to step down.
Maureen Halbur resigned a few months ago after serving as secretary for about ten years.
Denise Doyel has been the treasurer for over 20 years. Officers should only serve two terms max.
If you have any questions on what the responsibilities are, feel free to contact these current officers.

We would also like to know what everyone's preference is for regular meeting times. Currently, Chamber meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 12 noon. Would a different day of the week work better for you to attend? A different time of day???
It would be nice to see better representation at the Chamber meetings. Let us know your preference. What would it take to get you to attend? Please share your thoughts.

We have so much to be thankful for - such as AGP which takes care of its workers and helps the community as seen in this April 15, 2021, Manning Monitor article...

AGP Purchases $10,000 In Chamber Bucks
AGP representatives, Ryan Doyel, compliance coordinator and Kenny Klocke, assistant superintendent, recently delivered a check from AGP to the Manning Chamber of Commerce to purchase $10,000 in Chamber bucks. AGP of Manning currently employs 40 individuals who will receive $250 each in Chamber bucks as a bonus /incentive for the company's annual safety award.
Chamber President Kirk Huehn thanked AGP for its continued support of the Manning community, stating, "Not only does this gesture reward the AGP employees for their continued safety practices, but it also gives a boost to the Manning Chamber member businesses. AGP is an asset to the community in many ways."
Remember, Chamber bucks may be purchased at Templeton Savings Bank in Manning in denomina- tions of $5, $10 and $20. Chamber bucks work just like cash at member businesses.

It has been brought to my attention that the Manning Chamber of Commerce is 100 years old in 2021.
If anyone has pictures, memorabilia, information about the Chamber, please let me know so I can scan them.

1981 Manning Centennial book
In 1887 Mayor Dewing called a meeting of business men at the Germania Hall for the purpose of organizing a Manning Improvement Club. Its object was to promote prosperity of the town. The first officers were Pres. Donald W. Sutherland, Vice Pres. Henry Hoffmann, Sec'y C.D. Dewing. This organization was the forerunner of the present Chamber of Commerce.

In 1921 about 50 businessmen met at the Park Hotel for a chicken supper. Later in the evening a resolution was adopted creating a Chamber of Commerce and provided for the election of nine directors. W.B. Parrott gave an address stating the need for such an organization and all present immediately signed membership cards. The desire of the group was to make Manning a "go-getter" city. After much discussion it was decided to include in the membership farmers and all citizens of the town. They felt that in order to make Manning a prosperous town the organization needed the support of the entire population. The first president was W.B. Parrott and Sec'y, Harry Hoffmann. A contest was held to find a slogan for the town. An award of $10 was presented to Margaret Steinbecker, the winner, with the slogan, "Commercial Hub of the Mid-West". This was used for many years by the Chamber in their advertisements and promotion projects.

The Chamber of Commerce has continued throughout the years to be active and they have done much to help develop retail promotion in the town. Each November they have a membership dinner to make money to carry out their projects for the coming year. They see that the town is decorated for the Christmas holidays, they sponsor Agriculture Appreciation Day, they purchase the 4-H stock champions shown at the County Fair. A committee under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce plans and conducts the local Children's Day Celebration held yearly. All efforts are made to promote Manning as an active and growing community.

The current officers are Pres. Randy Saunders, Sec'y Gerald Beck. The membership list in 1980 is 92 in number.

1956 Diamond Jubilee - buildings back left is the current location of the post office.

Trade Fair 1950s

My dad started a custom baling business right after graduating from high school in 1938.
Later on he sold baler twine which is why he had a booth at the fair.

Amos Kusel with his baler August 1948

December 3, 1970

Chamber members 1981 Manning Centennial year

Halbur Centennial parade

December 22, 1921

What shall our slogan be?
The Chamber of Commerce wants a slogan for Manning and the best way to get one that is snappy and peppy is to have Manning boys and girls get busy and find the right one.
The Chamber of Commerce will pay $10.00 for the one accepted and have arranged for three judges to select the slogans from those submitted.
The rules of the contest follow: Any boy or girl attending the grade or high school in Manning may submit one or more slogans, but not more than twenty suggestions shall be considered from any one boy or girl. The slogan must be short, not over ten words. Write your slogan neatly on one side of the paper only and sign your full name. Mail your suggestions for the slogan to Manning Editor, Chamber of Commerce.
Contest closes January 5, 1922.
The winning slogan and the winner of the $10.00 prize will be announced as soon as the judges make their decision.

September 26, 1946
Civic Projects and Election Top Business for Chamber
Pledge $100 Fund For Road Work in School Bus Areas
Continue Rat Control Committee For Program Schedule For Spring

Several civic projects were included in the business cared for by the Chamber of Commerce at its meeting Tuesday evening when new directors were named for the coming year.
New directors elected at the regular September Chamber of Commerce meeting Tuesday night were Erwin W. Hansen, Arthur W. Bock and Clifford M. Johnson, for three year terms. Directors holding over are: Orrin E. Pratt, Leo Bruck, Henry E. Meyers, Eugene Zerwas, Billie Ohde, Ken B. Koch.
Retiring directors are: John A. Lewis, Lester Rowedder and Lawrence J. Nickum.
John A. Lewis reported for the roads committee, consisting of Lewis, Otto Popp and John J. Struve, "Parker Road," north completed, will be graveled in October, he reported.
The Chamber pledged $100 to help improve three miles of road in Hayes Township, Crawford County, on Manning School bus route and in this trade area. Hayes Township collected pledges for $2,600 for road improvement. Grading will be done this fall and the surfacing next spring; $150 is pledged to the Kimballton-Manning road. A total of $560 was pledged for the chamber road fund.
Otto Popp, Dr. Joe Loucks and Dr. Raymond B. Kelsey reported on the rat extermination program held last Monday. It was voted to retain the same committee. Dr. Loucks, Otto Popp and John Schmidt to act in conjunction with the city council and farmers interested in the rat extermination program, which will probably be carried out in the spring as the work must be done before the first of November.
The window decorating committee for the homecoming, Vaughn Gensler, Herman Pahde and Alfred Paulsen, received thanks of the chamber for doing an excellent job. Pete Kuhl in behalf of the American Legion thanked the chamber for the cooperation given during the celebration.
Arthur Curtis reported for the nominating committee, the following names: Arthur W. Bock, Clifford M. Johnson, Al W. Martens, Arnold H. Sanders, Larry Polking and Erwin W. Hansen.
The matter of arranging closing hours for business places on a winter and summer schedule was introduced by Vaughn Gensler. Matter was left in hands of the original committee, Joe Stein, Louis E. Schelldorf and C. M. Johnson, John Steinhauer, new member, was introduced.
Lunch was served by Earl Barsby, chairman and the following committee: Otto Popp, George Pfoltner, Detlef Hinz, A.W. Curtis, Ed Groppe and William Vollstedt.

May 27, 1948
Chamber To Provide Mural Of Cage Champs In School

Appropriate recognition to Manning's high school state championship basketball team was voted unanimously at the Chamber of Commerce meeting Tuesday evening, when the business club discussed many current topics that are on tap for the summer.
Decisions reached regarding the team and coaches were:
1 Changing the city's slogan to read: "Manning - the Home of Champions." Two signs of welcome will be placed on Highway 141 east and west of Manning. This project was assigned to the trade relations committee by President Clifford M. Johnson.
2 Purchase of four films of the state basketball tourney wherein the Bulldogs met Galva, Livermore, Sioux Center, and Davenport for the state crown.
3. Providing a mural photo of the team and coaches for the west wall of the gym.

September 1, 1949
Planning New Ideas For Holiday Business
Street Lighting, Post-War Plans Also Discussed
Promises of Gravel On Botna Road Given By Board

At the regular monthly meeting of the Manning Chamber of Commerce held Tuesday evening the following topics were brought before the membership:
Henry Meyers reported that a committee from the chamber had met with the Shelby County supervisors, and that three miles of road into Botna would be surfaced in the near future. He also reported that the road sign near Templeton, originally erected by the Denison, Sioux City and Manning Chambers had been repainted. Albert Dietz told the group that on September 13 a graveling contract for the country road north of Manning would be open.
New Christmas Plan
Suggestions were made that the merchants observe Christmas this year in a different manner than in the past, and that a merchants committee be appointed to work with Louis Schelldorf and his Christmas committee. President Bock appointed Al Martens, Peter F. Hansen, Al Paulsen, Herbert Groteluschen, Edwin Johnson, and Ray Pratt as the merchants committee.
Street lighting was again discussed as well as the subject of parking problems. It was suggested that restricted Saturday night parking areas be marked and that the merchants keep their cars off the streets at that time. It was reported that the city council is planning to pass an ordinance covering parking as well as other traffic problems within the city limits.
Post-War Plan Discussed
The post-war planning report filed several years ago by the chamber was brought up, and it was voted that copies be made of this report and filed with the city council and the Manning School board members. Members of the group also recommended that the city council appoint a city planning committee to work with the chamber committee.
Election of directors will be held at the net meeting. Those whose terms expire are Erwin Hansen and Clifford Manning Johnson.
Kenneth B. Koch, William Ohde, and Eugene Zerwas were appointed as a nominating committee

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