I continue to slowly scan the HUGE collection of Russ & Linda (Meggers) Frank.
I'm really glad that their children have allowed me to go through the 8 large totes which go back to the Civil War era Moore family.
Russ has been gone for 10 years and Linda for 14 years.
Whether we want to admit it or not - when we are gone we are GONE!
A lot of people in Manning now won't even know who they were.
For around 50 years I have been trying to make sure that when someone passes away or an old-time family disappears that they aren't completely lost to time.
I continue to work on the Manning Veterans' history book project which is taking a lot longer than I had wanted but because of many reasons this has turned out this way...BUT I still plan on publishing a two-volume Manning Veterans book, and I want to make sure I get as many Manning connected Veterans featured in the book as I can find.
Sadly a lot of the post-WWII era Veterans are not coming forward, and I don't want pages where there are a lot of Veterans' names without any pictures and information.

So I keep plugging away and currently have 2 volunteers who have been searching the Internet for obituaries and military information of Manning connected Veterans.
Now back to Russ Frank...below is a Great Lakes portrait of him I just scanned.
Now most people won't realize how far back his family military history goes and I'll show a brief background, because I have to keep scanning the tubs of pix.

Russell Frank - Great Lakes
Russ' mother was Marjorie (Moore) Frank.
She was the daughter of Brick Moore.
Brick was the son of Joseph Moore - Civil War Veteran.
Joseph was the son of Gilbert Moore - who died at Andersonville during the Civil War.

Constant deterioration with old pictures and why they need to be digitized NOW!

Back: Martha (Richards), Charley, Julia
Middle: Deed, Rhoda
Front: Joseph, Maud, Brick

Joseph Moore

Gilbert Moore
I captured this image of Gilbert from a military web page.
Below is what that image looks like and above is after I did some digital restoration.

Gilbert Moore - original captured image.

I'm hoping to get in contact with the person who hopefully has the original and maybe get them to send it to me so I can make a high resolution scan of it.

Frank/Meggers totes I'm working on...

So if you want to be included with the over 1000 Manning Connected Veterans that will be featured in the Manning Veterans book - contact me ASAP.

Besides Russ, these Manning people are also Moore descendants: Dean Fara's 2 daughters, their grandmother was Joy (Moore) Doyle, Harvey Dales, Chuck Moore, Dorothy (Moore) Strosahl.

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