April 15, 2023

My last purchase at Ramsey's Market - which was a typical purchase around every 2 weeks.

I purchased 99% of my groceries in Manning, and only on rare occasions when I had to drive to Carroll, to get something not available here in Manning, I never purchased any food items I could get here - but would maybe purchase something different that wasn't sold in Manning.
Manning people didn't have to purchase all of their food items here, but many purchased NOTHING here.
At least I can hold my head up high for being a supporter of Manning & Manning businesses which goes back to my parents and their parents, etc who were loyal supporters of Manning...Ehrichs relatives on my mom's side of the family owned/operated grocery stores in Aspinwall & Manning.

I also won't have to listen to the whiners and complainers about how high the prices are at the local store - NOW they can gripe in the other towns.
I could write a book of comments from people made to me when I went through the checkout line - I always had a full cart, many times 2 carts and they had 1 or 2 items...probably what they forgot to purchase at the grocery store in some other town.
I even had some people mumble in a low tone that I could save a lot of money by going out of town.
I never preached to anyone about their buying habits but always defended our local business owners, sadly, many who also drove out of town when they could have purchased at least some of the items here at a Manning business.
Then there are some tax paid employees who drove out of town.
So sad that Manning citizens once supported 4 different grocery stores and now we have none.

Times are changing...well those times most people are supporting today are going to bite us all in the %$#$$ someday soon.

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