What can I do with ONE item of Manning history?
I'm always watching for different postcards and Manning items on E-bay that I don't have.
Here is a recent purchase - something I have never seen before or anything similar.

Postcard from the 1950s.
So who is Hass?
Here are some of the pictures and information I've gathered over the decades...from various Hass relatives and other sources.

1981 Manning Cenntennial book
Leon G. Hass opened a shoe repair shop in Manning in 1919, moving to Manning after serving in World War I.
He continued the shop for 54 years and was located downstairs on west Main Street between Second and Third Streets for more than 40 years.
The Hass Shoe Service became the exclusive dealer of this area in Foot-so-Port shoes in 1950.
In October, 1964, Hass sold the shoe business to the Manning Bootery. He continued the repair business until 1973.
Hass' wife Mollie is now a resident of the Manning Plaza. They had two children, Harry and Pastor LeRoy, and were members of the Zion Lutheran Church. Leon also was a member of the Lutheran Layman's League, American Legion, and the Chamber of Commerce.

I have several memories of Leon & Amalia "Mollie" but one stands out vividly which is when they were taking communion by the Altar in Zion Lutheran, Leon started to wobble and then he fell over. He was apparently OK because they helped him up and he walked back to the pew.
It is amazing the memories that items of history like this bring up as I work on them.
Dave Kusel

Now if you noticed in the 1981 write-up - Leon was a WWI Veteran. Unfortunately I never found any pictures or information about his service. I worked with his two sons and scanned many of their pictures but no military things were sent to me to scan.
But is always interesting how many of the Manning citizens from our past served in the military.
Leon's brother, Alfred, served in France during WWI and again I have no pictures but some military data found by my 2 Manning helpers recently.

Leon George Hass
Corporal Company A
Iowa Ammunition Train US Army
Enlistment July 14, 1917
Discharge February 8, 1918

Alfred Hass
September 28, 1897 - November 29, 1957
Departure October 27, 1917 at New York, New York, on the S.S. Orduna
Residence Manning Iowa, son of Peter Hass
Unit 88th Aero Squadron
Rank Private First Class (Cook)
Service Number 22,007
Departure June 14, 1919 at St Nazaire, France on the U.S.S. Santa Barbara
Buried Concordia Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois (not found so far at that cemetery)

LEON HASS - Manning Businessman feature
Four years spent in Wyoming are all the time Leon Hass has been away from his home coun­ty of Carroll in his 65 years.
Leon's first job was with the Nielsen Harness shop before going into shoe repair business for himself in 1919. He has con­tinued that business until the present time, supplementing it 10 years ago with the line of Foot-so-Port shoes.
Two children were born to Leon and his wife, Amalia, namely, Harry, administrative sergeant with the National guard at Denison and the Rev LeRoy, Lutheran missionary to Tokyo, Japan, who is currently visiting here with his family. There are eight grandchildren.
Leon has been active in Zion Lutheran church. He was an elder, served as treasurer and on the finance board. He also belongs to Lutheran Laymen's League.
A veteran of World War I, he is a member of the American Legion. He lists as his hobbies, outdoor sports, especially hunt­ing and fishing.

I always like it when I find corroborating information that connects items of history I find - I knew it was Leon Hass Shoe Service in the post card but this little feature above and in the Centennial book provides the confirmation I look for.

Now there are a lot of people my age and older who will say to themselves - "I knew that too and didn't need any proof to back me up" - and to them I say - try working on Manning history for 50 years and see how many times you won't be able to find any corroborating information or someone who would know for sure. Trust me, it isn't easy to root out errors and incorrect information and then find the actual facts that are accurate and can be trusted.

Here is another item of information that connects perfectly to the postcard I scanned which is linked below.

Leon Hass Out of Army In 1918
The Monitor - February 14, 1918

Leon Hass, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hass, arrived home from Camp Cody, New Mexico, Monday evening, having been given an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army on account of having ear trouble.
Alfred Hass, another son of Mr. and Mrs. Hass, is at present in France.

Happy birthday postcard

Mollie (Hansen) & Leon Hass

September 16, 1926

September 17, 1931

January 9, 1936

Back: Harry, LeRoy
Front: Amalia, Leon

Back: Harry, LeRoy
Front: Leon, Amalia

Subway Shoe Store 1934

Loretta (Seyller) Sextro collected and saved dozens of old calendars from the early 1900s.
We use to farm that property, of which the farm place is now the Manning Heritage Park.
Up on the second floor of the Carriage House were many old calendars which I saw one day while "snooping" around.
When the Sextro children sold the farm place, these calendars were FORTUNATELY left there and now are on display in the Main Street Manning office.
But before they were hung, I scanned all of them so they will be digitally preserved and archived.

Leon Hass had purchased the Earl Parish Harness Shop after serving in World War I and then located in the corner building at the south end of Block 7, formerly the Klean Klose Shop and now a parking lot for Manning Motor Co. Leon went into the shoe repair business and then moved to the Nichols location.
He and wife Mollie and two sons Harry and LeRoy lived there until he moved his shoe store to the basement of the old Manning Trust & Savings Bank Building.
From there he moved to the basement of the old post office building on lot 4, block 4 and operated his Subway Shoe Store for the remainder of his business career.

September 15, 1932

Taken on Ann Street just north of Third Street - Manning's 50th Anniversary in 1931

Claus Nielsen, Sr., Harness Shop - Leon Hass first worked for Claus right after WWI
Leon' son, LeRoy is in this picture
Taken on Ann Street just north of Third Street - Manning's 50th Anniversary in 1931

Leonard Williams home to right - later the Ray Ross home at 216 Third.
Lyden Studio photo

??, Donald Schrum, ??, Bill "Monkey" Meyers, LeRoy Hass, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ?William Ohde?

1919 Leon & Mollie (Hansen) Hass wedding

Hugo D. Hansen, Leon Hass, Mollie (Hansen), Malinda Nulle
Mollie was a sister to Hugo Hansen. Hugo was the father of Robert Hansen (Ruth) of southeast Manning.
Hugo and Mollie's father was Peter F. Hansen - NO connection to the Erwin Hansen/Grau family.

Ewoldt No 6

Back Row: 6 kids
Middle row: 8 people - 4th student is Alfred Hass, 5th is Mrs. George Frankforter, 6th is Leon Hass
Front row: 3 girls

This school was 3 miles east of Manning on 141.
The school was on the west side of the road across from present day Struve Labs which is on the east side.
Harry Hass did his best to identify these students - his eye sight was getting bad and this was long before he was born...

I have other pictures of Harry & LeRoy and the Hansen family but won't feature them in this Manning history story.

So as you can see, one piece of Manning history can be turned into a ton of history that I have in my database and I can connect most of it.

So if you have old Manning postcards, pictures, history (family and community), documents, etc. please let me scan them so I can add them to the Manning puzzle - BEFORE what you have is eventually thrown away.

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