It wasn't a hard rain but more than enough that I didn't want to take a chance ruining my $10,000 digital camera system.
So I parked at the intersection in the walkway to take the pictures...I figured there wouldn't be anyone walking or standing out in the rain.
Finally it dwindled to a fine mist so I was able to get out and take close-up pix of the royalty.
Several years ago I noticed the police car was leading the parade, so I asked the police chief about this...most people won't know this but Sam Hansen, previous police chief, asked the Veterans if it would be OK for the police car to precede the "Colors & Guard."
The colors are supposed to always lead a parade, but with the maniac protestors we have in the US today, Sam wanted the police car to be in front to take on anyone who might decide to drive a vehicle into the parade and crowd.
Who would have thought even a few years ago that someone would take a vehicle and run down innocent citizens in a parade?
People are going to have to decide what type of country they want - SOON - I sure don't want all of the chaos, violence, and American-hating citizens & politicians to win this battle!!!

Just like the low-lifes who complain that the US flags on display make them feel uncomfortable.
I say GOOD - fly more US flags and hopefully this will keep them from coming to patriotic and US loving communities - We DON'T want you anywhere near us to corrupt our communities.

For those of you who once lived in Manning and have lost your Pioneer roots - this is just one of thousands of pictures I have of the past that shows how patriotic your Pioneer Ancestors were.

Opperman family - 30th Anniversary of Manning 1911