Even in a rural community it is great that kids are exposed to farm animals.
Not even all farm kids have livestock on their farms today - we are getting further away from nature which isn't good.
It is especially important for visually impaired and blind children to touch and get exposed to animals.
If they don't get this experience, they may be afraid of animals the rest of their lives.

I forgot to take a picture of the upper part of this tree but I think it is in the maple family...the bark looks like a Silver Maple.
But I don't recall Silver Maples having this much of their root system above ground.

This little tyke has it all figured out - you don't throw the ball - you simply lay it in one of the cups.

The older kids have to stand back a ways when they throw the plastic ball.

The bouncy inflatables are definitely a favorite of the little kids.

Big sister is waiting to catch her little brother.