Some trivia: Charlie and Emma Pfoltner once lived in the house where the Meeves family lives 3050 380th Street just northeast of Aspinwall across the RR tracks on the east side of the road.
The Pfoltner children attended Aspinwall school.

John & Goldie (Stammer) Meeves farm in the foreground, just northeast of Aspinwall past the Milwaukee underpass.
The Hermuth & Hilda (Sievertsen) Schroeder farm to the northwest (parents of Harold, Orren, Elaine Hansen).

John & Goldie (Stammer) Meeves wedding

John & Goldie - New Years Eve 1956

John, son of John and Margaret (Fries) Meeves, was born December 20, 1901, near Arion, Iowa.
He attended country school and Arion school.
So this country school picture was taken around 1910

1 Mary (Meeves) Magthus, 2 John Meeves, 3 William Meeves, 4 Ernest Meeves

Someone else out there probably has this picture, maybe with IDs and maybe not, but I'm sure most of the descendants of these other students have never seen or have this picture.
If only someone from Albion, or elsewhere who has this picture would stumble on this web page and have the other IDs...that would be a miracle.

Fox hunting

John Schilling, John Meeves, Roland Meeves, Weller twins ?Loren & Lowell?

Goldie Meeves with her "kitty in the bucket."
I just love pix like this!

John & Goldie's wedding

John Meeves - in Aspinwall?
Doubtful in Manning - maybe Laurene will remember.
I wish my mother was still alive as I'm sure she would remember.

1956 Manning Diamond Jubilee

Sister-in-laws: Goldie (Stammer) Meeves and Iola (Taylor) Stammer
Probably members of Sisters of the Swish.

Meeves home