Saturday, May 20, 2023
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
BrickHaus Brews

Contact: Cory Arp

Join the FUN at the 11th Annual Trail to NoWhere Ride on Saturday, May 20. Ride, Run or Walk! Bring the family! Register from 1-2 pm.
Ride from 2-6. Register the day of or Sign up today - Manning’s 2023 Trail to Nowhere Ride on May 20th!
This year's Trail to Nowhere Ride will help two amazing causes!
In addition to helping fund trails in Manning, this year's ride will also honor Scott and Carrie Mills. Scott is from Manning originally. Scott and Carrie have been at (nearly) every Trail to Nowhere Ride and have helped so many others in countless ways! This year we will pay it back and support them as they fight yet again another battle with cancer!

I got to know Scott through the Rec Center and video-taping sporting events he was in, and more specifically when he helped me with the local Channel 2 programming I provided the cable company from 1982 through 1991.

Down below are 2 videos I converted from the original video tapes from 1988-89 to digital MPEG.
Scott also hosted one of the live Saturday Night shows.

While attending school he was active in sports, scholastic and extra-curricular events.
He was given the nickname of "Scooter."

Back: Karol
Front: Bill, Scott, Pat

Scott Mills, Cheri Clausen 1988 Sound of Music

Scott Mills, Tom Bruch 3rd grade

"Basketball" skit

"Little Arrows" skit
"Little Arrows"
Pastor Randy Ross is "cupid" and Scott is the one being chased in his Bulldog letter sweater.

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