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Darlys (Schrum) Bauer, another Manningite and one of my "cousins" passed away December 20, 2022.

I'm going to make my usual tribute to someone connected to Manning and not until just now did I find in my database that Darlys sent me quite a few of her pictures to scan in 2007.
I'm so grateful now that she sent those items to me to scan.
I seldom remember anymore what I all have in my database since it has grown exponentially over the years.
Just below is a picture of Darlys from the Russ & Linda (Meggers) Frank collection. Linda's mother, Irene (Martens) Meggers, was a sister to Dorothy (Martens) Schrum.
If you love detailed history/genealogy about Manning and its citizens - Darlys' tribute shouldn't disappoint you.
I doubt you'll find detailed information about a specific community anywhere else on the Internet.
Even though there are a lot of pictures featured, I could add many more that are connected to Darly's family...but I have to stop somewhere.

In Honor of Darlys Jean (Schrum) Bauer
Passed away December 20, 2022

Darlys Schrum

Heesch --- another name now part of the Grau branch.

Based on Church records in Bad Bramstedt, Germany we now know that Maria, Detlef Jr., Gottlieb, Johann & Jochim are the children of Detlef Grau & Elsabe Blunck.

Maria Grau Heesch & Detlef Grau, Jr.
(brother & sister)

1 Detlef Grau
Elsabe Blunck

2 Maria Grau
Johann Heesch

3 Heinrich Detlef Heesch
Veeden Christena Sievers

4 Emma Johanna Heesch
John Christian Schrum

5 Carl Schrum
Dorothy Martens

6 Darlys Schrum
Robert Bauer

Note: Elroy Schrum is a brother to Carl Schrum and Sharon (Schrum) Kelderman is a daughter of Elroy.

1 Detlef Grau 1793 - 4/12/1877
Elsabe Blunck 11/6/1792 - 1/10/1843

2 Detlef Jacob Grau 7/27/1833 in Bramstedt, Germany 10/1/1923
Sophia Sachlaben 10/20/1832 Grossenaspe, Germany 11/27/1903

3 August Grau May 17, 1863 in Grossenaspe, Germany 9/25/1922
Maria Hansen 1/14/1863 in Sehestedt, Germany 10/27/1934

4 Ida Grau 2/19/1891 - 11/8/1980
August Kusel

5 Amos Kusel 3/27/1920 - 9/1/1970
Dorothy Ehrichs Kusel

6 David Kusel 8/1/1956

Generation #6 (Dave Kusel, Sharon Kelderman & Darlys Bauer) are 4th cousins.


Detlef & Sophia (Sachleben) Grau - brother of Maria (Grau) Heesch

Heesch & Grau photo

Back Row: Laura Grau Alwill, Clara Grau Cox
Front Row: Mrs. Veeden (Sievers) --- wife of Heinrich Heesch, August Grau, Mary Hansen Grau --- wife of August.

Veeden's husband (Heinrich Heesch) and August Grau are 1st cousins.
This picture was taken in front of the former Herman Grau residence at 221 Madison Street.
Laura & Clara are daughters of August & Mary.

Trying to figure out more pieces of the Heesch puzzle in Manning, Iowa.


Henry Heesch partial OB
Manning Monitor December 26, 1918
Born March 18, 1824
Died December 21, 1918
Wife: Marie (Fischer) Heesch
Children: 2 sons and 2 daughters (sons died before the father --- no names were given)
2 daughters --- Mrs. Gus Breitkreutz of Swift Current, Canada
Mrs. Dora Mergele of Manning, IA.

Henry Heesch immigrated to USA in 1854 and lived near Renville, MN and then near Minot, ND before moving to Manning to live with his daughter.

Notes on Manning cemetery records.
Henry Heesch is buried next to William G. Mergele
Dora Heesch Mergele is buried next to George Mergele (probably husband) and also Heinrich & Cathrine Schrum.
All of the above are buried in section A in rows 9 & 10.

Ruth Ohde of Manning who is a granddaughter of Ida Detlefs also has a Heesch connection.

On a family picture --- Ida Detlefs had an aunt Anna Heesch listed and also a grandpa Heesch from Germany. At this point the name of the grandfather is not known or what part of Germany he came from.

Ruth is looking up family information to see if she can determine more facts on her Heesch family tree.

Henry D. & Christena (Sievers) Heesch family

Standing back: William, Herman, Emma, Marie
Standing middle: Emil, Irene
Seated: John, Heinrich, Veeden, Anna

Children: John, William, Herman, Emil, Anna Frerk, Emma Schrum, Marie Schapp & Irene Donaldson

Emma Heesch, Emma Musfeldt Lyden Studio photo

Back: Carolena (Grau) Hell, Anna (Heesch) Frerk, Amanda (Grau) Martens
Front: Emma (Grau) Pfoltner, Emma (Heesch) Schrum, Marie (Heesch) Schaap

Picture scanned from Anne (Tiefenthaler) Muhlbauer's collection - Ann's mother was Helen (Schrum), daughter of John and Emma (Heesch) Schrum so Anne is another "cousin" in this feature tribute to Darlys.

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